Judge Denies Charlie Sheen’s Request For Custody Of Twins

RadarOnline reports that a Los Angeles judge has denied Charlie Sheen‘s request for custody of his twin sons, Bob and Max, 2.

The boys’ mother, Brooke Mueller, will maintain primary legal and physical custody, despite an apparent relapse in her cocaine addiction.

After failing to complete a court ordered drug test on Friday (April 15) and entering rehab over the weekend, a “glassy-eyed” Mueller and her soon-to-be ex-husband both arrived at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse today (April 18) to fight for primary custody of their twins.

According to sources, the judge ruled that the boys will stay with Brooke’s mother, Moira Fiore, while she undergoes treatment at an undisclosed rehabilitation facility.

If the judge had ruled in favor of Sheen, it’s possible that the twins would have ended up staying with his ex-wife, Denise Richards.

TMZ claims that after seeing the surveillance tape of Mueller at a pawnshop in Inglewood, California, trying to get money for a stereo and a watch, Richards made a call to Charlie, offering to keep the boys with her until things settled.

Allegedly, the former Two and a Half Men star didn’t turn her down, telling Denise, “I’ll keep you posted.”

Neither party has made any public comments since today’s hearing. After leaving the courthouse, Charlie immediately boarded a plane to Chicago to continue with his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour.

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  • melo1983

    This is probably the best decision for the boys! It’s so nice to hear that Denise stepped up and offered to take care of them :]

    • E R

      I don’t know if this would have been as nice as you think. Denise really wanted more children it seems she really wants these boys…she really is so into them as if they were her biological sons…kinda nice, but kinda odd. Max and Bob are Sam and Lola’s blood, but Denise isn’t related at all I doubt they even know her. I think this would have been weird and very confusing for Sam, Lola, Max and Bob. The twins are definitely where they should be…away from their parents, until they get that help they desperately need, with a safe person who loves them, in this case it’s Grandma.

      • melo1983

        Oh yeah, at Grandma’s is definitely a great place for them to be, probably better than their own house. But I highly doubt Sam and Lola would be confused by it, I’m sure they’d be thrilled that their little brothers would be staying with them. And they don’t know Denise? They’re not complete strangers, I am sure they know her.

  • Tara

    Neither parent deserves to have their lives blessed by having these beautiful boys. It’s a sad day when people value biology over decency and honor. So glad the judge denied this. However in order for these kids to have any shot, the best thing would be to let a couple not related to either parent become their permanent guardians. Charlie and Brooke are unredeemable and perpetual fools.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you believe in giving people second chances?

      • Tara

        NOT EVEN ONCE if it comes at the expense of a child’s welfare!

        • Arianna

          I agree and disagree.

          What about Britney Spears? She had a so called mental breakdown and she was on all kinds of things. Yet we just wished for her to get better and be a better mom. Now she seems to have accomplished that. For me Charlie and Brooke are being pathetically irresponsible at the same time I do believe anyone can if they truly want put their lives back in order and should be allowed to have second chances. At this rate it’s slim that this will happen for them but I do hope for the sake of the kids they get their lives in order.
          If they fail to do so then yes they should not be allowed any more chances.

          • Tara

            Thanks. I see what you are saying, and in the case of Britney Spears, there are two very distinct differences. Her breakdown was an isolated incident. She did not have decades long history of drug abuse, physical abuse and various felony convictions. Both Charlie and Brooke are twice her age and have extensive rap sheets. Additionally ironically enough Kevin Federline stepped up to the plate proved to be a stable factor for his sons. Britney recognized she needed help and gave custody over to him. Both Charlie and Brooke act as though nothi is wrong.

            Yes people deserve second chances BUT only when they are earnestly invested in getting better. These two have not. Kids obviously want their moms and dads, but its not up them to decide what is best for them. It’s up to the courts and various family organizations to protect their interest. It’s a truly lose lose situation all around.

          • Arianna

            It would be nice if we could just find a way to sterilize Charlie Sheen for good. And all the other deadbeat parents!! That would solve all the drama! They can all ruin their lives all they want without draggin young ones into their messes.

          • Tara

            Totally agree!

          • Joliet

            Agree. I actually testified against my own sister in order that her kids be taken away from her.. They are now being raised by a foster family but it is a much better environment. I will keep showing up at each hearing to guarantee she loses them permanently. Good people don’t harm their children to begin with, so do not deserve any chances.

  • Anonymous

    Poor kids. I truly believe having kids should be a privilege rather than a right and parent should have to take parenting classes and obtain a license. To hell with the 1st amendment.

  • Tazina

    Two lousy parents and Grandma not the best either. Those poor little boys.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous4:25@ This is not her first time in rehab nor do think it’s her second time so she had her second chance and Brook hanging around Paris Hillton who does drugs also not a good thing it you want to stay sober.

  • Joliet

    “After leaving the courthouse, Charlie immediately boarded a plane to Chicago to continue with his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour.”

    At least we know where this loser’s priorities stand….HIMSELF!

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