Kate Hudson: “There Were No Ovulation Kits Involved”

Kate Hudson opens up to InStyle on how she and Matthew Bellamy met and dishes on her pregnancy.

The actress, who has a 7-year-old son Ryder with ex-husband Chris Robinson, says having a baby with the Muse front man wasn’t exactly planned but wasn’t prevented either.

“Well, it wasn’t like we didn’t know what we were doing, “Hudson laughs. “There were no ovulation kits involved. We were tempting fate, and it worked.”

The 31-year-old adds, “I didn’t think I was going to have another kid until I was maybe 33 – that was in the back of my mind before I met Matthew. But we were so in love when it happened, it was just so exciting for both of us.”

Hudson met Matthew at the Coachella music festival.

She explains she was “watching Radiohead’s Thom Yorke with a guy I knew from high school, who introduced me to Matthew. We realized we had met a few years earlier, in Australia.

“Then I got distracted and said, ‘I’ve got to find my friends; I don’t know where they went.’ He just looked at me and said, ‘Come on, I’ll take care of you.’ That’s when I went, ‘Wait a minute, who are you?’ ”

The first few outings with Bellamy made her feel they were going to be serious.

In the beginning I felt like, okay, this is going to be heavy. Am I prepared for this? Because it had been a while, and I wasn’t looking for that. But I just couldn’t stay away. I wanted to talk to him and be with him all the time. On our first dates we would take long walks and talk the entire day.”

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  1. E R

    This is beautiful! I hope it really lasts.

  2. Helena

    The story of how the relationship started is very beautiful and real 🙂

  3. Arianna

    Before she met Matthew she didn’t think she’d have a kid until maybe 33. So was she just thinking if I don’t meet someone by then I’m gonna find someone to knock me up?? Quite confusing if your not with anyone to think hmmm by this age I may have another child lol.
    Anyways, I do wish them the best hopefully this means Kate is once again ready to settle down and stop man hopping!

  4. Anonymous

    I hope this works out in a way that is healthy for their child, but I don’t have faith that this relationship will last. I could go into details, but it’s all a bit of hearsay, really. Although it’s from someone who claims she knew Matthew Bellamy very well. *shrugs* Just throwin’ it out there, so I can say “I saw that one coming!” when it happens.

  5. Ondine

    She says it all w/ the quote of “. . . we were so in love when it happened . . .”. It sounds like they aren’t “so in love” any more.

  6. Annika

    I love it about Kate that she shares. She is just sweet, honest and real.nLet’s hope the relationship will last!

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