Orlando Bloom Cradles His Cutie

It doesn’t get much cuter!

Doting daddy Orlando Bloom kept his 3-month-old son Flynn close as the pair, along with mom Miranda Kerr, made their way through JFK Airport in New York today (April 18).

The model mama is already back to work, showing off her amazing post-baby figure this past weekend in a beach photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret.

Miranda has credited her quick weight loss to nursing, saying, “I think breast feeding has a lot to do with it. He’s a hungry little boy.”

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Photo credit: INFPhoto.com

  • Annonymous

    I think Miranda is too skinny to carry her baby she might break in half trying to carry Flynn. She looks so frail and lack of energy after her child it’s exhausting taking care of a child and having your body recuperate after the baby. She use to look so lively and energetic now she just looks tired and always walking behind Orlando.

  • Anonymous

    Orlando Bloom really loves being a father. The way he holds little Finn close to his chest proves that. He seems to have such a close and loving relationship with his son. Finn´s look seems to say:”Who are you guys and why are you so interested in me?” Orlando and Miranda are so meant to be together and having children. Hopefully they´ll have another baby in a year or two so that Finn will have a baby brother or sister to paly with.

  • Anonymous

    Orlando seems to be a perfect father and it´s obvious he love Flynn a lot. That little boy is so blessed to have Orlando Bloom as his dad and Miranda Kerr as his mum. Those three form one of the cutest families in Hollywood. Hopefully Orlando and Miranda will have more children in the future so that Flynn will have brothers and sistrers to play with.

  • Anonymous

    Like father like son. Flynn has Daddy’s eyes!

  • anym

    cute! look at those cheeks

  • ZaraB

    What a stunningly gorgeous baby!! No surprise given who his parents are though.

  • Shirelle

    Flynn is so cute with his cubby cheeks. I think he looks like Miranda

  • Anonymous

    LOL he so cute!! What a lil chubbster! He obv has Orlando’s eye color, but I’m stuck on whether to decide who he looks like?? I think it’s 50/50.

  • Helena

    It would be nice to see 1 photo with the mum holding the baby

  • Anonymous

    Aww. Orlando is great actor, great guy and now he is absolutely amazing papa! Best wishes to him and his family!

  • Anonymous

    A little off-topic, but is “Orlando Bloom” a stage name or his real name?

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