Tina Fey Is In Absolutely No Hurry To Find Out Baby’s Sex

Tina Fey appears on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that airs today (April 19) and talks about her second pregnancy, and of course the topic of the baby’s sex came up. But the Bossypants author says she and husband Jeff Richmond are going to put off finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. For a long, long time.

“We decided we are going to wait [to find out the baby’s sex]. We’re going to find out…never,” Tina joked. “Not even after it’s born. I’m just going to see what it chooses to wear to prom.”

As for how she’s feeling during this pregnancy, Tina admitted to being treated differently the second time around. “I feel pretty good. I’ve been lucky. Pretty easy pregnancies both times but it’s funny because now I’m Oldie Olderson,” she quipped. “I have what they call advanced maternal age. They look at me like I’m just going to explode. They treat me very gingerly.”

Tina announced her pregnancy earlier this month. The 30 Rock star and her husband are already parents to 5-year-old daughter Alice.

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  • Annie123

    LOVE her! I hope it’s a way to nicely poke at people who insist on dressing girls in dresses and ruffles since birth and not letting boys play with dolls but giving them toy guns! We desperately need a spokesperson to overcome these creepy “toddlers & tiaras” vs “actionmen” sterotypes.

  • hlbronson

    Ha ha! Very funny 🙂
    While I don’t think she was at all trying to poke at people as the previous poster said, I do agree with you that toddlers & tiaras absolutely disgusts me! I’m a mom to a 3 year old daughter who absolutely insists on wearing dresses, princess crowns and mama’s lip gloss, all before 8am. It’s the first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning! I never taught her this stuff, she says she just wants to look “beautiful”. If that’s what makes her happy, then fine. But these people who spray tan their 4 year olds, tease their hair, plaster them in bright makeup, and have them strutting all over the stage in short dresses is horrible. It’s definitely a case of the old mom living vicariously through their little girls…sad.

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