Mark Consuelos Says Kelly Ripa Is A “Perfect” Mom

Doting dad Mark Consuelos took time out to lend his support at this week’s launch of the Pampers Little Miracles campaign at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. The handsome star talked to about the happy home life he shares with his wife Kelly Ripa and their kids Michael, Lola and Joaquin – and those rumors that he may step in as Kelly’s new TV co-host.

On supporting the Pampers Little Miracles Campaign: “My first son Michael was in the Neonatal Unit for a week. He was completely fine and it was more just a precautionary thing than anything else. He had a little bit of a fever and they just wanted to keep an eye on him. Being here, brought me back to that moment. I am just glad Kelly wasn’t here because we would have left carrying a few babies (laughs).”

On himself as a father: “I would say old-school. I am very traditional and I am the disciplinarian.”

On Kelly as a mother: “Perfect.”

On baby number 4: “We are in a sweet spot where we have no diapers, the kids sleep through the night and when they wake up they don’t come running into our room. I mean I can read the paper again.”

On rumors he may take over for Regis Philbin when he retires this year: “I love doing that show and Kelly never lets you fail. Kelly has chemistry with everyone. As a fan I would love to see someone else on that show like Anderson Cooper or even Andy Cohen. I mean I annoy my wife (laughs) so I doubt I will be sitting there.”

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  • Anonymous

    LOVE them!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    They are a great couple and seem like really great parents. She balances so much! (I love those TV commercials she does. I always LAUGH)

  • Anonymous

    Easy to be a perfect Mom when you have perfect help!

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    A little off-topic, but is the Examiner a newspaper or a tabloid (i.e. like the INQUIRER)?

    • Anonymous

      It’s a credible news organization, right up there with the Wall Street Journal.

  • Megan (An Examiner) is not a tabloid. It’s a basically a digital newspaper that hires local up and coming writers to cover specific events related to their assigned “topic”.

    For example, I am the Wilmington (Delaware) Cat Humor Examiner

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    Bees do not seek out people!!

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