‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Fearful Of Corey Simms Getting Partial Custody Of Twins

Fans of MTV’s Teen Mom series thought Leah Messer and Corey Simms were the one couple that seemed to have everything together. But after just six months of marriage, Messer has filed for divorce, and according to a friend, she doesn’t want Corey to have even partial custody of their 1-year-old twin daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah!

So what went wrong?

In the current issue of InTouch Weekly, Leah’s friend tells the magazine that things weren’t going as well as they seemed between she and Corey, mostly because Simms wasn’t the hands-on father that he claimed to be.

Messer, who was mostly left caring for the twins on her own, filed for divorce on April 15, two days after a huge fight that began when Corey came home and found the door to their home on his mother’s property was broken. Leah had apparently been locked out of the house, and broke the door to get in, which angered Simms and resulted in an argument that left Leah in tears.

“She was so upset and overwhelmed by the breakup that she was vomiting,” says the friend, adding that this wasn’t the first time the couple had such heated discussions.

Leah’s friend claims that Corey would start shouting matches with her in front of the girls, and once transferred money out of their bank account to try to buy himself a new truck, despite the couple’s need to pay for Ali’s health care.

Messer was also unhappy about their living arrangements, wanting to move out of the house on Corey’s mother’s property, which she says only has a stall shower, and made it difficult for her to bathe her daughters.

Leah is reportedly so upset and worried that the judge will grant Corey partial custody of the girls, that she has asked her doctor to prescribe her anti-anxiety pills ahead of their court date.

For more on Leah and Corey’s custody battle, pick up the latest issue of InTouch Weekly, on newsstands now.

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  1. Anonymous

    If you don’t want to share your children with someone, don’t have children with them in the first place. Just because you no longer like them or get along with them, doesn’t mean you get to take their children away. Unless he’s done something really bad, I can’t taking away anyone’s children.

  2. Evana

    Im just wondering, did they ever find out what is wrong with Ali?

  3. Gisele

    I’m not a doctor, but it almost seems like Ali has some type of dwarfism… As for them getting a divorce, perhaps they could have tried counseling first. I hate to see this family break up, but if it’s for the best then so be it.

  4. Anonymous

    this is what happens when you’re young and think getting married while fix everything. it only makes things harder. i’m really starting to believe that their should be a marriage course, or something like it – that ALL couples have to pass before getting married. and i’m not talking about some little test on paper. i’m talking about like 2-3 months of actual tests in real life.

    anyways – as far as partial custody – based on what we’ve seen from teen mom, there’s a good chance he can get partial custody. but we don’t see everything. far from it. this is either going to be extremely messy, or settled out of court. hopefully the parents can grow up and make things work before things get even more out of control.

  5. AngelaParker

    wow, and the Peopole magazine with their wedding in it hasnt even dissapeared from my dr’s office yet…they need to grow up and make this work…getting divorced over a broken door argument? PLEASE!! They lost all rights to be this immature when they had kids, and to try to deny babies their father because mommy is upset with him…total BS

  6. Anonymous


  7. Arianna

    blah blah blah! Here we go again.
    Why is this even news??
    If Corey didn’t do anything to warrent her to take those babies away she has no leg to stand on!
    I am one of those that don’t believe that you should get married just bc you have a child. In many cases esp. for teens it never works out. And I agree if you don’t want to share you kids with someone close your legs and stop being stupid!!

  8. Gisele

    Well, LaKesha, the way her extremities are turned inward and the fact that her trunk is disproportionate is suggestive of the possibility. My nephew wasn’t diagnosed until fourth grade and he had the same kind of thing going on, vision problems as well. There is a broad spectrum of different types of dwarfism and sometimes they are not always apparent at birth. Two “average” parents can have a child with dwarfism. Just sayin…

  9. Anonymous

    People say they should work it out I think your wrong if they broke up after 6 months then they never should have married in the first place. Marriage is a serious matter and it’s not something you should do on a whim, because you feel pressured or because you think it’s cool and you want to be treated as an adult those marriages/relationship never work out because their no comment. This is a case of teens playing house and these two should have never married in the first place they should have just dated and see how the relationship work out with the added pressers of having kids before even thinking about marriage.

  10. Anonymous

    Gee I wonder what went wrong…they are teen parents!

  11. Arianna

    Leah didn’t want to marry Corey it was pretty evident when she kept saying are we rushing into this maybe we should wait a bit. I think she felt pressure but sadly thats when you need to follow your gut it never steers you wrong.

    • Sunny Sue

      Couldn’t agree more! She was obviously hesitant and then Corey would make her feel guilty for being honest with him and gee i wonder where the relationship went wrong!? Ya know, I have this sinking feeling that they were rushed into doing the wedding quickly by the show’s production team. I’d even venture to guess they were paid handsomely for getting married before the end of the season.

  12. lynne

    Look up acondraplasia (sp) dwarfism and the picture look just like Ali.

  13. Anonymous

    I’m just wondering does anyone ever try to work on there marriage, marriage is like a job you have to work at it…there are going to be disagreements, agruements, fights, doesnt mean file for divorce…and how long you been married 6 mo…come ppl get some couseling you can work it out!

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