Willow Smith To Roll With The First Family On Easter

There’s gonna be some hair whippin’ at the White House!

Pre-teen pop star Willow Smith, 10, is scheduled to perform at this year’s Easter Egg Roll, which will take place on Monday, April 25 on the White House lawn.

With the theme of the annual event being “Get Up and Go!,” roughly 30,000 people from all 50 states will gather at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for basketball, tennis, arts & crafts, gardening lessons, and of course, the Egg Roll.

Other performers expected to join Willow in the line-up include John Lithgow, Greyson Chance, Mindless Behavior, Sesame Street and Little Beat, and DJ WillyWow, with Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Kristi Yamaguchi, Elmo, and Seasame Street’s Maria and Gordon all scheduled to read on the Storytime Stage.

The entire event, including headlining music acts and readings, will be broadcast live at www.whitehouse.gov/live.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Marilyn

    Her song was on in a store at the mall about a month ago and the people in the store couldn’t wait until it was over. It repeats that one line too much.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone think the outfit makes her look a lot older than her ten years. I really think she needs to be a little girl first? I blame the mom and dad. Sorry.

    • Kayla is the queen of Philadelphia

      Oh shut the hell up and y the hell do u care if her outfit makes her look older. As long as it’s not on u, u shouldn’t be worrying about it

  • Anonymous

    OMG, she is pathetically skinny. Someone feed her. Instead of whipping her hair, someone needs to whip her up a good meal.

    • Kayla is the queen of Philadelphia

      Then u do it since ur worrying about her figure 😛

    • kirria$

      hi Willow luv ur clohtes,nails,and ur hairstyle oh and ur music ttyl:-}

  • Anonymous

    why is there so much hate for this little girl on here all the time. anytime there’s a little white girl.. it’s nothing but love and adoration for them.. when it’s willow it’s all negativity… this country is going nowhere fast with all of this hidden racism! white racist people what will you tell your maker when you meet him about your hate for your fellow human being?

    • Marilyn

      How can you tell what color we are? Besides, I made a comment about the song. There are plenty of bad songs by white people, too.

    • Suzy

      You clearly don’t visit this site often. Suri Cruise is bashed daily and she’s…WHITE!

    • NJMOM

      Wow what is up with everyone pulling the race card recently…. Suri Cruise gets ripped each time her picture shows up and she is as white as they come…. I beleive Willow is being bashed for actions and behavior not skin color. Also, in general, people are negative towards the whole scientology “religion”…. So I personally feel RACE is not an issue and it is annoying that people feel they can use race as a reason for comments. FYI, in my adventures through life I have found just as many minorities who are racist as WHITES…. as a matter of fact majority of white people I know bend over backwards to NOT BE RACIST.

      • Tristabelle

        To be honest don’t even give her comment the time of day. She obviously wants to continue this cycle of victimization due to the amount of melanin in one’s skin. This article just showcases a case of inappropriate dress for a ten year old CHILD.

        To pull the race card just reinforces her own doubt in her argument. It’s becoming nonsense anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Urgh, she’s ten years old, what are her parents THINKING of letting her dress like that! She is the epitome of bad Hollywood parenting.

    As for the race comment above, how completely pathetic bringing race into an argument about appropriate clothing/lifestyle for children. Boo!

    • LaKesha

      A short set is bad Hollywood parenting? Are you kidding me?

      • A different anon

        Pimping your daughter out certainly is!

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know what ‘a short set’ is?!?

        She is ten years old – she should be in school, being a child, dressing like a child, having a life not in the media. It’s disgraceful, and bad parenting 101. There are lots of children who have careers at a young age, but this has got to be the most distasteful example I’ve seen.

  • Anonymous

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with race and frankly I am so sick of hearing those of you who love to play that card, whine and make every freaking thing about black vs. white that I could puke. Grow the hell up and get over it. This is about the fact that the Smith children are manufactured child “stars” whose careers are being bought with their parent’s money. Neither of these children has shown enough raw talent to warrant the level of attention or the opportunities that have been given to them. Also, both are as arrogant and self-involved as they can be. They don’t even pretend to be interested in the arts. They just want to be famous and have the world adoring them and throwing money at them. No matter your race or age, if you are so into yourself that you openly admit that you just crave adoration, then you are a shallow-minded jackass. Will and Jada have clearly (go read some of the interviews) taught their two youngest children to behave like divas and that’s exactly what they do. Their daughter is by far the worst. Her brother got a movie role and became “famous”. She wanted to be famous too so she threw a fit and her parents shelled out money to various people in order to get her a career, too. Neither of these kids would be where they are had they been forced to fight their way to fame like regular kids do. People don’t care for them because they didn’t paid their dues, don’t have any spectacular talent, and haven’t earned their place. They are spoiled brats whose parents have taught them that the world owes them whatever they want. There are many, many, many white spoiled brats in the world who are disliked and resented by those who know they didn’t earn that which they have so for you to pretend that you truly believe people dislike Willow because she is black is absolutely absurd. Race equality is something I believe in but by the same token, I must tell you that the more black people play the race card illegitimately, the less sympathetic I become to their plight. Real racism makes my skin crawl and I would defend against it with everything I am but this thing of claiming racism every single time a black person is criticized on any level, or any time a black person fails to get what he/she wants is ridiculously intolerable. Political correctness has turned America into a country full of immature, think-skinned, responsibility-shirking whiners who think the whole damned world should be physically and emotionally bubble wrapped for their personal comfort and security. Suck it up, people. Not everyone is out to get you. Just because you dislike something that someone says to you does not mean that the person saying it is wrong, or that they don’t have the right to say it.

  • kirria$

    Her clohtes r sooo pretty and stylelish and love her nails

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