Hank Baskett & Hank Jr.: Puppy Love

Oh, the cuteness.

Hank Baskett and his adorable son Hank Jr. spent part of Easter Sunday doing a little father-son bonding. Hank Jr., 16-months, walked their puppy for awhile and then had dad push him on his tricycle.

Mom Kendra Wilkinson didn’t join the family on this walk – maybe she was just too beat from her rigorous Dancing With The Stars schedule. The reality show star made somewhat of a comeback last week and is now in the final seven. is there a mirrored ball trophy in her future?

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Felicity

    AAWW Hank Jr is adorable, but I can see he doesn’t like the paps.
    Actually his name isn’t Hank Baskett Jr. His name is Hank Baskett IV

  2. Sophia

    Oh goodness, that is just too much cuteness in one photo! Hank just gets sweeter and sweeter every day!

  3. Shirelle

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww He is so cute! with those eyes and that curly hair.

  4. Lizzeth

    he is so cute !! i love her eyes !! too cute

  5. Anonymous

    These pics melt me….literally! SO CUTE!

  6. Anonymous

    The baby isn’t Hank Jr. He’s Hank IV.

  7. Milana

    I have to admit when they first had Hank I was like hmm that’s not a cute baby at all but omg has he grown into his looks. He’s so so so adorable now!!

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