Kim Kardashian & Mason: Stripes & Smiles

Stylin’ duo! Reality TV star Kim Kardashian sported matching stripes with her adorable 1-year-old nephew Mason at the Los Angeles International airport on Wednesday (April 27).

Kim and her new beau Kris Humphries were headed on a mini family vacation in Australia with Kim’s siblings Rob and Kourtney. Of course, mama Kris and Kourt’s man Scott Disick weren’t too far behind.

Kim recently said she’d love to be a mother one day.

When the time is right I would love to be a mother. Not anytime soon. But I never know what the future holds.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Oh gosh, I think I’m gonna puke what I just ate after seeing these pictures. Hasn’t Kim heard of “less is more”? That family and their whole success just makes me sick. And no, I’m not a hater of their wealth.

    • Tara

      Totally agree with you on everything. It’s not jealousy of her wealth. I am well off but worked in an honest manner to get that way. I am all for women being powerful and making a living, even if it involves using your sexuality. However Kim abuses it, and the entire family treats this little boy like this month’s trend. It’s a very sad statement on our culture as a whole.

  • andreea

    kim is treating mason like he’s some kind of accessory..
    it’s “cool” nowadays to match your dress with a small child.. all for the image

  • Anonymous

    Wow, are the comments actually working on the site now?

    Andreea, I agree that matching outfits are a bit much, but I’ve seen far worse on this site (and others) in terms of using children as “accessories”.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the Kardashian any more then the next person but have you people never match your kids clothes to yours, I see it all the time at the mall it’s not a big deal and if any one is treating mason like he’s some kind of accessory it would be his mother she talk so much about him not being on the show and how she wanted to protect him from the paparazzi yet every magazine her family in she puts him in it. You’re not protecting your kid from paparazzi by butting him on the cover magazines or in them, He is not a Kardashian he did not need to be in the last two magazines were the Kair’s was talking about her daughters; Kourtney uses him to make money as long as he in the photo shot the magazine has to pay her for his appearance.

  • Anonymous

    who wears full-on make-up on a 12 hour flight? My skin gets all dehydrated during a flight, and can’t imagine what it will do to Kim’s skin with all that crap. Also, can she please cover her tatas? I’m glad that she’s well endowed, but she’s just making herself look like a cheap hooker.

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