Tia Mowry On Pregnancy Cravings, Birth Plan, New TV Show

We loved Tia Mowry in the sitcom Sister, Sister alongside her identical twin sister Tamera. These days we can’t get enough of her fabulous maternity style now that she’s expecting her first child with husband Cory Hardrict in early July. The 32-year-old mom-to-be opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her pregnancy and hopes for a natural birth, her cravings for pickled garlic and her upcoming TV show Tia & Tamera Take Two.

CBS: Congrats to you and husband Cory on your first pregnancy! How have you been feeling? When are you due?

TM: “I am feeling great! I am in my third trimester so I get fatigued rather quickly. However, I am so excited and I cannot wait to be a mom and see his precious little face. I am due July 3rd.”

CBS: Is Cory excited to be a dad? What is he doing to prepare?

TM: “Yes he is thrilled! Words can not explain how excited he is. What is he doing to prepare? He says RESTING [laughs]! He also plans on going to all the preparation classes with me – birthing classes, baby preparing classes, etc.”

CBS: Have you been enjoying pregnancy? What has been the greatest and most challenging parts of pregnancy so far?

TM: “There have been some great moments and some not so great moments. The greatest is just feeling your baby kick and move. It is one of the best feelings I have ever felt in my life! I look forward to it every day. I am obsessed!

The most challenging would have to be the nausea and the body changes! I am 7 months now and moving around is getting harder and harder. I need assistance with just getting out of bed. The husband just laughs because he is so used to seeing me in control and now I need a little help! He is loving it though.

The nausea comes and goes. It depends on what I eat. It has been the beast during this pregnancy. Some women get it and others do not. I was lucky enough to get it [laughs].”

CBS: Have you had any strange cravings?

TM: “Yes, pickled garlic I know yucky, right?! I can go through a whole jar.”

CBS: What have you been doing for exercise?

TM: “I love taking nice strolls around the block with my husband. It has been something that we really enjoy.”

CBS: Do you have a birth plan? Are you hoping for a natural birth?

TM: “Yes I do. As it stands for right now, I am planning on laboring as long as I can at home. Then, head on over the hospital and push should I say. I have a doula that will help and guide me through that process. When at the hospital, I plan on not using any drugs, but this may all change, so I hear.”

CBS: We hear you are documenting the pregnancy for a new series to air on the Style network. Please tell us all about the show.

TM: “It is called Tia & Tamera Take Two. I am having a baby and the sister is getting married. Both are remarkable events in our lives. With both events, comes preparation. So the show will follow me preparing for my birth and the sister preparing for her wedding.”

CBS: We loved you and your twin sister, Tamera, on Sister, Sister! Are you in Tamera’s wedding party? Tell us about your dress!

TM: “Yes I am in the wedding. I am really excited. I love weddings! They are always so beautiful. I am a bridesmaid and I am very nervous about this. I hope I don’t go into labor at her wedding!! I am also hesitant about the dress. I am constantly growing and I am worried if I will be able to fit it. The company that my sister is using is called Bella Bridesmaids. The dresses are gorgeous and all the girls have different makes which is divine.”

CBS: Are you working with any charities?

TM: “I have been working with the Make A Wish Foundation for years. I just love them. To be able to make a child’s dream come true is so rewarding and such a great experience. I love children and to just put a smile on their faces makes me proud.”

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  1. E R

    AWE I love Tia.
    Cory seems so supposrtive and wonderful.
    I had no idea Tamera was engaged, wow!

  2. Anonymous

    Awww U Rock Tia Luv U =) Congrats On Ur New Baby!!

  3. Tarryn

    People have been telling me I look like Tia Mowry all my life so it’s awesome to see her preggo. It’s like a sneak peak into how fabulous I can look during pregnancy 🙂 Many blessings to the Mowry-Hardict family!

  4. Whitney Isley

    It’s beautiful to here you speak so highly of this situation. Their are not too many real women that can express knowledge the way you do. I know that god will bless you and your family enjoy every moment of it for me. I lost my baby at twenty-one and it’s okay I have many more chances to come one day.

  5. Malika

    Great article, I love Tia and Tamera. Can’t wait for their reality show.

  6. tiffy

    i am so happy for u tia and congrates on the new baby!!!!!!!!

  7. BethT

    I know it’s their best known role but it’s annoying that Sister, Sister is always mentioned as if that’s the only thing they’ve done in the past 10 years. Eventhough it’s just basic cable, Tia is on a hit show called The Game.

  8. Platinum K.R Danzie

    I am soooo excited about Tia’s pregnancy!! She speaks so beautifully about the whole pregnancy situation…i know it’s a tough time! Good Luck to you and Cory and many blessings for a joyful bundle of baby boy joy! Oh yeah and i had no idea Tamara is getting married!!! OMG! Congrats to you both and i can’t wait to see the show!

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