David & Victoria Beckham Attend Royal Wedding

Ain’t love grand!

British football hunk David Beckham and his expectant wife Victoria were seen arriving at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton held at Westminster Abbey on Friday (April 29).

Vicki’s fourth pregnancy didn’t slow her down one bit! Posh dressed her baby bump impeccably in a dark-navy dress, killer heels and a “fascinator” headpiece by Philip Treacy. Her soccer star hubby looked dapper in a suit by Ralph Lauren.

And of course the bride looked stunning in her gown, which featured a two meters, 70 centimeter train. The happy couple are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Did you set your alarms to watch the nuptials? What did you think of the fancy duds?

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News / INFphoto.com / Flynet

  • klutzy_girl

    I’m not sure about Victoria’s outfit. David looks so good here, though!

    And I got up at 3:00AM to watch the wedding, and I don’t regret it! I loved watching it.

  • Marilyn

    She could take a tumble in those shoes. She better hold on to David the whole time.

  • Tara

    Totally off the topic, but Kate made an amazingly stunning bride. Gorgeous dress, beautiful face and she looked so genuinely happy. Wish them both well.

  • Anonymous

    She really needs to get rid of that constant puss on her face. She was just jealous that she was not in the spotlight.

    Agree Tara- Kate was breathtakingly beautiful.

    • Victoria

      Seeing as she never smiles in public, how was she jealous?

    • SJF

      Victoria smiles more in public than people see, because, most of the pics that the paps do get of her smiling, the tabs don’t use. But how exactly how is she jealous when a good majority of the time in public, she doesn’t smile.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not into the whole royal family thing…so can someone explain the whole wierd hat style to me? Why do they wear such ugly crazy hats? Any why on their face instead of their head?

  • Anonymous

    Victoria and David both looked great and seemed happy to me to be home being apart of England tradition. I don’t think the British put much stock into how you look, rather they seem to love you if you are one of them and you try to be a decent person! British do not resent peoples wealth, success in career, or their natural looks.

    • Anon

      What planet do you live on?! I worked for ten years in London and found Brits to be elitist, cold, antagonistic and downright miserable! Apart from a few Aussies, Scots and Irish there were very few I wanted to remain in contact with.

      By the way they do not love you for you. There was such an air of superiority. Perhaps it was just the londoners but to be fair I travelled all over the Uk and aside from those in York they were exclusionary. Ironically I found living in Paris to be much more welcoming.

      • Sammy

        I’m sorry you had such bad experiences in England – I am English, and although of course you get a section of the population who are rude/obnoxious/up themselves I have found that many people, particularly in London in fact, are perfectly kind and helpful.

        Aside from my time at university, I’ve never really encountered people I’d say are elitist – most are as far from elitist as you can get!!!

        • Tara

          I agree with you somewhat. I too lived and worked in England for approximately 12 years ( Alexander McQueen was one of my bosses ironically enough). In London I did find people to be less welcoming. However it could boil down to mere interpretation. As a pretty openly friendly American I expect everyone to be the same. I know it’s kind of egocentric but sadly that’s the way I am. Over here in the USA usually you can start a conversation with virtually anyone you encounter. Over in London I used to get very odd looks if I attempted that. I did find the people up north to be much more relaxed and what we are ” told” English to be, amiable and easygoing. Not so much in London. But London is full of about 350 cultures so it’s not solely brits who are fault. Beleive me there were plenty of rude Americans, Italians, French etc. It happens anytime you have a big city.

          Anyway aside from my ex husband( who is British) I have many fond memories of my years abroad;)

          • Louise B.

            I am English and I agree with you about the southerners. I live in howeth and I think we are much more genuine. In London and surrey it IS all about wealth and status so not sure what the other poster is talking about. I do not doubt you were treated coolly especially if you are American and worked at McQueen. Many fellow Brits dislike foreigners coming over and taking jobs particularly such highly sought after one’s. As for Brits not being interested in looks and wealth that is wrong too, we have more tanning salons in our country than probably all of the USA;)

            Come up north and you will see true England.

  • Hannah.J

    What is Victoria thinking wearing those shoes she is pregnant think of the baby.

  • Cari

    Those shoes are hideous.

  • Grandma of Four

    The both look FABULOUS! And, so what if David has his medal on the wrong lapel! My only wish for Victoria is for her to SMILE :- ) once in a while!

  • Louise B.

    I think Victoria looked lovely. The shoes are too high though.

  • Penelope

    That Victoria Beckham is the weirdest looking bimbo I have ever looked at. She always has a sour puss. She must have BUCK teeth or something. she NEVER SMILES. Always looks the same with that boring weird look. She really needs to get over herself.. Miss Vicky…You are not the be all and end all of all things. Homely and very self-centered poor thing. Get a life…I can’t stand looking at your boing face. What is the matter with your teeth. Are they missing? Or are they all YELLOW. What’s with you weirdo…

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