Sara Evans’ Ex-Husband Claims She Surrounds Their Kids Around Drugs

There’s a custody dispute brewing for country star Sara Evans. Her ex-husband Craig Schelske wants 50/50 custody of their three children, Avery, 11, Olivia, 8, and Audrey, 6.

TMZ reports that while she’s on tour he wants to “protect the children from the likelihood of substantial harm.”

According to the papers Schelske filed in Tennessee, he has been on tour with Evans before and “has first-hand knowledge that the children are exposed to inappropriate conduct, spend little time with [Sara], and are placed in a party atmosphere with excessive drinking and drug use.”

He even adds that she has “encouraged and condoned underage drinking.”

Evans, who has full custody of the kids now, is scheduled to go on tour in less than a month. She is currently married to former Alabama quarterback Jay Barker.

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  1. Tara

    What a scumbag. Trying to ride the coattails of his famous ex-wife. He must be needing some money and wants to get his name back in the news.

  2. Anonymous

    I live in the same neighborhood as Jay and Sara. Her ex’s claims could not be further from the truth. They have a normal household and their kids (his and hers) lead very normal lives – public school, sports, etc. Most of the kids in our neighborhood have no idea that she is even famous. Just a mom like all the others. They are more likely to know Jay b/c he is a “local” celeb. This is crazy, because the kids don’t even go on tour with her. Sounds like someone can’t stand her being happy and wants more of her money. That is the only reason he would want the kids more.

    • Anonymous

      Craig wants his kids because he loves them and not because he’s greedy for her money or doesn’t want her to be happy! Your statements are actually very mean to the those three sweet kids by down playing their father’s love for them. I know Sara and her ex-husband well. Think about it- Craig stayed at home with the children while Sara pursued her career (much like Jay is doing currently) She knew that Craig would most likely win custodial parent because he was the primary caregiver. Sara was advised by her divorce attorney that fabricating an outrageous story about him would guarantee her custodial rights to their kids. Guess what, it worked! It has been proven in a court of law that Sara lied about Craig. He won a huge settlement against Sara’s divorce attorney for slander. Craig probably has more money then Sara now but he has never wanted her money. He has only wanted to clear his name for his children’s sake and co raise them. He is asking for the kids all summer because she will be on tour and she has stated to the media over and over that the children will be with her. This means they will be around very inappropriate and unhealthy stuff for minors. Lastly, if the children don’t go on tour with Sara they need to be with their daddy not Jay.

      • Grace

        Craig did not stay at home with the children. They had a nanny. He had various jobs throughout that time, and then periods of unemployment, and during those times of unemployment they still had a nanny.

        • Anonymous

          The nanny was used very infrequently. Craig was the main parent…trust me I know this for a fact! Craig also received his Masters during this time. As for people’s questions for the truth of Craig’s claims…. Let’s just wait and see what happens at the hearing!

          • Grace

            If you actually have inside information – and I don’t believe you do – then it would be in the children’s best interest that you save that information for court rather than spewing it all over the internet.

            But, as I said before, even if Craig is telling the truth then he is a hypocrite for allowing the situation to go on while he was still married to Sara – and for the several years after they were divorced. So he is just as guilty as she is. But the timing of his accusations are just a little too convenient for them to be believable anyway.

          • Anonymous

            You don’t even know what he even filed. He’s not a hypocrite. Remember he has already settled with Sara’s divorce attorneys and that’s not private information. They’ve written a letter of apology and I wish Sara would too!

          • Grace

            Yes I do know what he filed. He filed for joint custody, claiming that he has first hand knowledge that the children are in danger while she is on tour. Well in that case, he should have taken them out of the danger back when they were married and he acquired this first hand knowledge. Since he didn’t, that would make him just as guilty as she is. That’s assuming he’s even telling the truth – which is doesn’t sound like he is because a good father who truly believed his child was being exposed to drugs while with their mother wouldn’t want to get them out of that environment only 50% of the time, he would want full custody.

          • Grace

            I don’t understand your ridiculous claim that I don’t know what he filed. This is on public record, anyone can go look up exactly what he filed. So yes, I do know what he filed.

            And I recently googled the lawsuit that you’re alluding to, and I can find no reputable source backing up that story, only one quote from Craig claiming he won the lawsuit. So now, I don’t believe that claim is true either. Why don’t you google Craig’s name and restraining order – the one that was put in place because he was violating the terms of their divorce agreement by bashing her in the media.

          • Anonymous

            If you are looking for reputable source contact the Tennessean for the article they wrote about Craig’s legal settlement. Tmz wrote a quick summary of the filing ,but never released the actual filing. So far it hasn’t been released on the internet- it’s only available down at the Tennessee courthouse. Are you saying you went to the courthouse? Good Luck in your search for the truth, but I’m taking myself out of this debate.

          • Grace

            You don’t have to go to the courthouse to obtain those records. They’re available online. And I’m glad to hear you’re taking yourself out of this debate, because your claims have no credibility anyway.

  3. Grace

    If Craig’s story is true – and I have serious doubts that it is – then why was he okay with her surrounding the children with drugs while they were still married? And why was he okay with it for the last several years? Sara hasn’t been on a big tour in several years, but she has had many tour dates during these past few years, and Father of the Year didn’t care about them being exposed to drugs then. If any of his claims are true then he is just as guilty as she is.

  4. Anonymous

    As Sara has stated in many interviews, she put her career on the back burner, so she could get her kids and herself settled into their new life and home. That sounds like the behavior of a good mom to me. Oh, and the ex-Mr. Evans needs to get a job other than making a living from suing people. I’m not sure what good name he had before the divorce…but, the name that comes to mind for me is freeloader.

    • Anonymous

      You’re very judgemental for someone who doesn’t know Craig. Mr. Schleske sued to clear his name for his children! Sara just needs to apologize and tell the truth. This is the best thing for her kids. I guess she’s too scared she will lose her career because her lies have gotten so out of control. When Sara was putting her career on the “back burner” she was writing books, recording a album, and leaving the children overnight at least 3 to 4 days a week.

      • Grace

        For someone who is lecturing other people about being judgmental, you’re being incredibly judgmental towards Sara Evans. Pot meet kettle.

        • Anonymous

          I know Sara and she lied and has admitted to it, but not to the public. What I wrote was “You’re very judgmental for someone who DOESN’T KNOW Craig.” You don’t know Craig…you don’t know Sara…you read an article that is misleading…you don’t know what he filed…. Do you not see the difference?

          • Grace

            I don’t believe you know either one of them either. But it doesn’t matter who knows them and who doesn’t, because you don’t have to know them to be allowed to form an opinion.

  5. Anonymous

    Yes, I do know Sara. I don’t know Craig and would never want to know him. People are what they do and not what they say. What I see Craig doing is going to court and not moving on with his life.

  6. Anonymous

    I love that all these people who know and are friends with Craig and Sara are sharing their personal information on CBS – what great friends!

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