January Jones: Baby Bump Watch!

The baby bump watch begins! Mom-to-be January Jones was photographed making her way out of a friend’s house in Los Angeles on Saturday (April 30).

The 33-year-old Mad Men actress – who announced her pregnancy on Friday – kept it casual in an all-white boho chic ensemble. No sign of a baby bump just yet.

While Jones is remaining mum on all other details, a source close to her says, “She’s really looking forward to this new chapter in her life as a single mom.”

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Photo credit: INFphoto.com / Fame

  • LilaRose

    Why glorify single mothers!!!!! It is truly rubbish.

    • Anonymous

      The only rubbish here is you. Criticize her for being a terrible actress, but there is nothing wrong with being a single mother.

      • Louise B.

        She can say as she pleases. It’s an opinion site. I disagree with her but it’s called differing views. Grow up.

        • Anonymous

          Just because something is an opinion doesn’t mean it can’t be criticized. If you don’t want the things you say to be criticized, don’t post them in a public forum.

    • SMH

      People like yourself are rubbish. Find something better to complain about!

      • LilaRose

        Ok I will complain about the amount of vapid sycophants on this board whose retorts are less intellectual than those found on an elementary school playground

        • Anonymous

          Just curious, are you the same Lila Rose who made the anti-PP videos? Or an admirer? Or is it a coincidence that you have the same name?

        • Anonymous

          Right, because your original comment was the height of intellectualism and maturity? It merely got the responses it deserved.

    • Anon

      I agree another piece of trash that will be made out to be a martyr.

      • Anonymous

        No one is making her out to be a martyr. But she does not deserve all the horrible things being said about her. Getting pregnant does not make a person a piece of trash, and it’s really sad that you think it does.

  • Tara

    There is nothing wrong with not supporting the single mother agenda. However it is extremely VILE to resort to name calling just for the hell of it. While it’s not a position I would never willingly find myself in, you should just accept it and say that you dont agree or not comment at all. Pretty rude and cowardly to be honest.

  • Anonymous

    I assume she’s not too pleased about this pregnancy, as she strikes me to be one of those girls who is all about her career.

    • Anna

      If she wasn’t pleased then she wouldn’t be having it. Why is everyone here so horrible? You all sound like bitter old ninnys.

      • Tara

        Other tHan the name calling which I find immature, what is wrong with your stating your position on willingly being a single mom? It does not make one an “old ninny” whatever the heck that means. How much would you jump on us if we said something with regards to how great the choice to have an abortion is? Just because one’s view does not parallel yours or the mainstream does not mean they have no valid right to voice it as long as it is done in an appropriate way. I think having a child by yourself on purpose is harmful in the long run. It’s not my business who does it but I can say I don’t agree. Just as you can say you think it’s fine. It’s called having a mature debate.

  • Domino

    I think it’s okay to be a single mother, she has a right to if she wants to be a mother, who are we to judge her? That aside she strikes me as a real bitch. I dislike her more than… anyone else on the biz, I think.

  • Anonymous

    Does she even know who the father is??

    • Joan

      Why do you care? It’s none of your business.

      • Anonymous

        That’s an idiotic come back. It’s a celebrity baby site so obviously people visit it to find out about celebrity moms and dads…duh? Why not ask the same question about anything anyone says here.

  • lucille

    people think the father may be jason sudeikis, who is her last boyfriend, they broke up in january.
    but others think it might be someone shes dating whom she may be keeping out of the tabloids.

  • Kaylin

    Kudos! What a neat way of tikhnnig about it.

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