Victoria Beckham & Boys: Back In USA

Quick trip! Arriving into New York City sporting her towering Louboutins, Victoria Beckham strutted past the paparazzi with two of her adorable sons – Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6 – on Saturday (April 30).

The Beckhams are back in the USA after taking part in the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton held at Westminster Abbey on Friday. An expectant Vicki and her hubby David Beckham were photographed at the royal affair.

David and Victoria, who are also parents to 12-year-old son Brooklyn, are expecting their fourth child – a girl! – later this year.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Awww. how cute is Cruz and his disposable cam. He’s taking a picture of the papz for a change. It would be much funnier though if he take joined the papz and also yell “Victoria! over here!” maybe then we will see a smiling pic of Posh.

  • Sarah G.

    Romeo’s such a good looking boy.

  • Anonymous

    Lol the disposable cam is cute. I wonder if the man in the gray jacket with him is their grandfather?

  • Linda

    Yeah, it´s their grandfather. Victoria´s dad.

  • Anonymous10

    Those shoes…how awful. Who can possibly think that they are attractive?? If one of you fellow readers do , please, explain!!

    • andreea

      they make victoria taller (she is very short and she needs the high-heels), they are nude (highly appreciated in these days) and they also have a small accent (the red part on the back of the heels, whis is like the cherry on top of a cake. perfect 🙂
      nude shoes go with almost everything, it’s a great choice & very stilish.

      • Anonymous

        She NEEDS the high heels? So in addition to everything else she’s done to alter her body (i.e. emaciated with breast implants) now she teaching her children that even being SHORT is bad and not to be tolerated? That’s rather ridiculous, isn’t it?

        While I appreciate the fact that she always wears this type of (hideous) shoe, it still seems incredibly irresponsible for something this pregnant to be teetering around on a 6-inch platform.

  • Larissa

    I love me some heels, but those are unacceptable , especially for a pregnant woman sooo far a long into the pregnancy!!!!!!!! There is absolutely no excuse for endangering so much your baby´s well being with those horrendous pair of shoes, what for really???? This woman puts her vanity before her own child, that says enough about her character!

    • LaKesha

      Isn’t that a stretch?

  • melo1983

    Cutest family :]

  • lilseraph

    man wat is wrong wit this woman is she willing to put fashion first yikes.

  • gagagrunGe

    who is the teddy 4?

  • fiona

    Romeo is the one hu luks lyk david d most, hez luks grt n i love him…..

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