Carla Bruni Remains “Tight-Lipped” On Pregnancy Rumors

Rumors are swirling this week that Carla Bruni is pregnant. Showbiz magazine Voici has even gone so far as to announce she is expecting twins this October. The former model who is married to French president Nicolas Sarkozy has said to have given up smoking and has been avoiding the subject all week long.

On Monday she was being interviewed by reporters from Le Parisien newspaper when she was directly asked if the answer on whether she’s expecting Sarkozy’s baby would be known in six months. reports she giggled and replied, “Yes!”

Bruni continued, “I’d love to talk to you woman to woman about my family life, my personal dreams – and I’m really a very chatty person. But on this subject, I’m going to keep quiet. Not through arrogance or because I like keeping secrets. I am remaining tight-lipped about that to protect something.”

She added, “I would really like to to talk about it, but then it would take over everything else. And besides, it also involves people, so I’m not answering.”

Since Sarkozy plans to campaign for the presidential elections in May 2012, the couple might want to wait to confirm the rumors until then.

Bruni has a 9-year-old son named Aurélien from a previous relationship. Sarkozy has three sons from two former marriages.

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  • klutzy_girl

    Seems like she is pregnant. If she wasn’t, she probably would have just denied the rumors.

  • Cabos

    Yep, based on what she said, she’s DEFINITELY pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not “tight-lipped” at all.

  • Annie123

    Arg, she’s a plastic trophy wife to a ego-ridden maniac. It doesn’t make me feel better they’re having a kid and I hate the way she’s faking to keep the secret but wants everyone to talk about it.
    This is what happens when politics becomes a hollywood celebrity match. Just gross. And I say this because I’m French!

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with you Annie. How convenient after 4 catastrophic years as president, they want to keep the “good news” as close to his re-election campaign as possible. It won’t get him re-elected. So sick of these fame whores.

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