John Travolta & Family: Dinner In Brentwood

John Travolta and Kelly Preston took their children, Ella, 10, and 5-month-old son Benjamin out to dinner in Brentwood, Calif. on Monday night (May 2).

With a big grin, the actor proudly showed off his barefooted baby to photographers.

Travolta has gushed about the excitement on becoming a dad again.

We’ve been trying for a long time to have another baby, it’s been 10 years since I’ve had an infant in my hands. I’m pretty excited, jazzed. It comes back, but it’s easier, because you don’t have the worries that you do when you’re a new father, so by the third, you’re ready to have six.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • alaina

    If you seen a baby picture of John.Benjamin looks exactly like him.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, what a helpful comment! /sarcasm

      “If”? Pretty sure anyone reading your comment has, you know, already seen the photo at the top of this post. They don’t really need additional direction to look at it.

      • Anonymous

        That was rude, but obviously you mis-read the comment. She said if you’ve seen a baby picture of JOHN, as in, the baby’s dad. So, this person says Benjamin looks like John as a baby. Get it?

  • Anonymous

    I know this post is about Benjamin…but Ella is gorgeous!

  • Lou x

    Aaw Benjamin is so cute! You can see here how he’ll look as a toddler, he’s adorable x

  • SMH

    I believe Ella just turned 11 last month.

    And my is she gorgeous!! She’s gonna be a knockout for sure. But I can’t help but think these young girls today just look so grown up for their age!

    Baby Ben is so cute. I think he looks more like Kelly though. He looks more like Jett’s baby picture then Ella’s. Gorgeous family!

  • Grandma of Four

    What a CUTIE! And, Ella is such a beautiful young lady! Such HAPPY pictures!!!

  • vivien leigh

    Ben is a little pretty Angel. God bless him and his family. Thank God they have a son again. of course nothing can compare to Jett but a son is a son. They are blessed again. Its a miracle, cause they needed this so much right now.

  • lilseraph

    here comes grandpa johnie haha

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