Mariah Carey Shows Some Love For Her “Lambily”

Grammy winning artist and new mom Mariah Carey is enjoying her first couple of days of motherhood, and she’s sharing the experience with some V.I.P’s — her “lambily.”

Not only has Carey given her adoring fans a hint as to what she and hubby Nick Cannon named their newborn twins, but she’s also letting them vote on the outfits they’ll be wearing home!

“I wish I could personally thank all those around the world who continue 2 send congrats+prayers for #dembabies! they’re doing great,” Mariah tweeted, adding, “And they are the most incredible gifts we could ever have imagined!”

Though everyone is happy for the new parents and their little bundles of joy, who arrived on the couple’s anniversary (April 30), what we’re all waiting for is the announcement of the babies’ names, which Carey says is coming very soon!

She even offered her fans a hint: “both begin w/M’s!!!!”

Any guesses?

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  • Anonymous

    melody & maverick

  • Anonymous

    How ridiculous is this becoming? It isn’t like Mariah is the first person to ever have children…oh the suspense over her children’s names? These are people, not objects to be exploited. And so it begins….

    • LaKesha

      She may not be the first person to have a child, but it is her first time. I’m gearing up for my first pregnancy, not first child, but first pregnancy and I’m just as excited.

    • Anonymous

      I want to know their names!

  • alaina

    Do we really have to know every little details of this family life? Mariah and Nick are one self – centered couple.

  • Anonymous

    Maya & Morrisson
    Mimi & Michael

  • alaina

    wow the twins was barley born. Mariah is already exploiting the twins. watch the upcoming weeks we will know every little details of “dem babies.”

  • Anonymous

    I believe Nick said the names are “not crazy” so maybe something simple like Michael and Michelle.

  • Anonymous

    How exactly are these infants being “exploited?” Do any of you actually know the meaning of the word? Or is it just something you heard a talk show host say one day and you thought it was cute?

    Goodness, so far all they’ve done is announced they gave birth and that the names start with M. Why is that horrible?

    And then if she announced nothing, you’d all be mad about that. Saying she was being “secretive.” I’m not even a Mariah fan, but you people are ridiculous.

    • Grace

      Yes we’re all fully aware of the definition of the word exploit, but since you don’t seem to be aware of the definition I’ll explain, it means to utilize for profit or to use selfishly for ones own ends. Well let’s see, they exploited the babies before they were even born by playing games with the press (to get attention), they sold pregnancy photos to magazines (and made money off of it) and Nick has shared ridiculous amounts of personal information on his radio show (another chance to make money off of the children.) And now Mariah is uing the babies to get attention on twitter. Yes that definitely fits the defition of exploitation.

      It’s really sad – and kind of sick – to see how some people will defend celebrities no matter how awful their behavior is.

      • LaKesha

        You sound ridiculous. They are excited about their babies and they want to share. If people don’t like what they’re sharing, then move on.

      • Isabella

        They get attention regardless. If Mariah sold pregnancy photos, she was exploiting herself being pregnant, not the babies. I seriously doubt that they need to exploit their babies for money, Mariah alone has plenty!

        “And now Mariah is uing the babies to get attention on twitter”, give me a break!

        Just about anybody who has a baby posts names, pictures, birth weight, ect… all over facebook and twitter. So how is Mariah any different. Besides, she knows that there are scores of people waiting to see what she says about them. The bottom line is that they are proud parents and want to share it with whomever wants to know. They’re not “exploiting” their children! Their behavior isn’t awful either. They’re just new parents that happen to be celebrities also.

      • SarahEllen

        OMG! I am such a bad mom, because of your definition Grace, i now know that i completely exploited my baby! I should take all of his pictures off of facebook, stop emailing/texting everybody about every little thing he does! I thought i was just a beaming new mom wanting to share my extreme happiness with everybody who i thought might care. I see now i am just the worse.

        Grace, in short, get over yourself. She has gone through God and her only knows what and finally has the babies she has been dreaming about. She is over the moon and like any new mother, she will share everything about them, talk only about them, live only for them. Maybe you will understand if you ever have one.

        • Grace

          If you can’t see the difference between a mother sharing something on a facebook page that isn’t read by millions and a celebrity using their babies to play games with the media to get attention then you’re not intelligent enough to have this debate.

          And since you’re not famous no you’re not exploiting your child on facebook by sharing every little detail, as you put it, but you are being a narcissist who is boring others senseless with details about your kid.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you Grace! Mariah loves the attention and has been selling information and pictures to the tabloid press for a while now. She’ll continue on this path until those kids graduate from college.

      • Anonymous

        Everything you’ve described are things all celebrities have done. Did Brad and Angelina “exploit” their children by selling their first photos of their kids to the highest bidder? That appears more exploitative than announcing you’re pregnant (while dealing with the loss of a previous pregnancy and having multiple media outlets scrutinize you in every piece of clothing you wear) and saying the children’s names start with M. You make absolutely no sense.

  • Anonymous

    mia & mitchell

  • klutzy_girl

    Alyssa Milano did the same thing when she announced the sex of her son – Ask people to guess on Twitter. This is not exploiting them.

    I wish Mariah would hurry up and reveal the names, though! I’m going nuts, LOL.

  • E R

    Music & Melody?

  • E R

    2nd Guess: Miyah/Miah (Maya)& Micah Cannon

  • Courtney

    it’s not like it’s that far away. no Mariah is self absorbed at all she’s just trying to keep her children sheltered from the negative aspects of the world. giving the first initial on twitter is a fun way to get her fans involved that’s all. personally my guesses are Margaret or Melissa for their daughter & Michael or Martin for their son. but it doesn’t matter either way because everyone is healthy

    • Grace

      Your post doesn’t even make sense. How does selling pregnancy photos, playing constant games with the press (is she pregnant is or isn’t she? are they having twins or not? what are the names?) and using her babies to get attention does not help protect them from the negative aspects of the world. It does the exact opposite, because it makes the press even more focused on her children than they otherwise would have been, which could compromise their privacy and their safety.

      • Anonymous

        They didn’t want to reveal the fact that she was pregnant because of a previous miscarriage. It was the media that made it a big deal, not Mariah and Nick!

  • Tazina

    Mariah has legions of fans. They eat up this stuff and are eagerly looking forward to any detail about dembabies. It’s cute, not exploitive. Lighten up – if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be coming to this web site and reading about it. DUH!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    mimi for the girl…for sure! I am gonna guess Michael for a boy!

  • Anonymous

    Melia (Muh-leah) & Micah <3

  • SMH

    Just announce them already, geeez!!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 6:02pm it was Mariah and Nick that made it a big deal, Nick said that they were expecting on his radio show or twitter which got the media stir up with the idea that Mariah might be pregnant the he said later on that they were expecting a puppies, if he would have kept his mouth shout they could have kept it quite a lot longer but no they wanted attention and got it.

    As must as I think that their attention seeking media whores I happy that they did this on twitter for her fans instead of sell it to a magazine like they did with ever thing else.

  • Anonymous

    Malia and Micah…

  • tryecrot

    Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

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