Pitbull Dishes About Fatherhood

Armando Christian Pérez, better known as Pitbull, is on the cover of Latina‘s “Hot Guys Issue”!

In the magazine, the Cuban American rapper opens up about everything from dating to being a dad to his four children.

Here’s what Pitbull had to share…

On His Relationship Status: “I always tell people that I’m single, bilingual and ready to mingle!”

On His Feelings About Women: “A woman made me a man at the end of the day [referring to his mother]. I love to learn from women, so I keep a lot around me. They make the world go round.”

On Keeping Things Spicy In The Bedroom: “You shouldn’t step into a relationship going, ‘You’re my property.’ Everyone has fantasies. So speak about it, have fun. It doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to do anything about it. Sometimes I may mess around with my woman and say, ‘Oye, tell your boyfriend to leave because I’m on my way home. But tell him to make the bed before he goes!”

On Being A Father: “My kids are all characters. It’s crazy to watch a young mind and what a sponge it is. Sometimes my son will be like, ‘Are we going in the Benz or the Beamer?’ And I’m like, ‘Hey, it’s the white care or the silver car, OK? And what do you have to do to get something like this? Work hard. Because I’m not going to give it to you.’ I tell them that my job is to be out here and their job is to go to school.

When the time is right, I will tell them everything about myself. I want them to know that they can always talk to me. I’m never going to judge them. I want them to be tough mentally but beautiful spiritually.”

On Representing Cuban Americans: “I’m not here to exploit our culture – I’m here to empower it, and I want to build a brand like Jennifer Lopez.”

For more from Pitbull’s interview, check out the current issue of Latina.

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Photo credit: Latina

  • Anonymous

    He has 4 children?? I thought he had 2?

    • Shayla Perry

      I thought so too, but according to Latina magazine, he has 4. Still trying to get more info though.

  • E R

    “…I want them to be tough mentally but beautiful spiritually.”

    That’s very positive and wonderful to hear from a parent, especially a dad.

  • Sunny Sue

    this man is like 5’2″…not hot.

    • Anonymous

      You should check out the facts before you say anything about someone. By the way he is not 5’2″

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha he’s 5,7″…

    • CinSin

      I have had the pleasure of working with this man and he is very professional and respectful when it’s time to talk business and the times I have been around him I havent had a measure tape with me but I can surely tell you he is not 5’2 bc he is way taller than I am and I’m 5’4 so I don’t know where exactly you are getting your facts

  • Anonymous

    i think its great i agree its very postive to hear a parent say this and yes especially a dad its brilliant! Really like pittbull at the mo he is doing really well for himself!20

  • Anonymous

    Pitbull wow thats all i can say

  • Tina Saez

    I thought he had only one kid. It’s nice to hear him talk about his children. He’s a very sexy man and I think his heart is on the right spot. I saw a picture of him with his dad. He was so cute back then…

  • Anonymous

    omg i had no idea he was a father ,i love him though,he is my fave hispanic artist.i think hes a role model to parents.

  • Anonymous

    OMG I had no idea pitbull was a father , he is such a talented singer ,I hope his children come out famous like him,he is my fave artist I love his music. its good to hear a possitive story about his children ,coming from pitbull.

  • Anonymous

    I thought that Pitbull had never had children before… That he was cheated by his friend, Barbara Alba. And the tattoo of a boy on his arm is his nephew… I heard this version… But I am not sure

  • TinaMano

    I think PitBull (Armando) raising his children with values and being well educated is the way to go cause that’s how I’m raising my daughter. Also, having spicy bedroom time is the way to go so nothing gets boring. (I Love fantasy role playing cause you can always learn new tricks.)

  • JNew1988

    Pitbull Wat you said about
    I want them to be tough mentally but beautiful spiritually Thats a true dad right there and god bless you for that iam 100% sure that adore you and will be by your side till the day you meet again and ive been a fan of you since you came out with ur first song culo you take ur art very seriously and seem to really like it keep it up

    and Anonymous… Good job for that standing for a good guy it seems like sunny sue doesnt know how to look in the mirror to see who she really is to judge some one by look when is hes a good lookin guy thats bright and if she answers again she should use something stronger then windex to wipe off the shit that shes always gonna when she passes buy… Keep it up pitbull ur gonna keep growing like a rose getting bigger and bigger. God Bless you

    Joey Newman

  • Cari Rey

    His very talented enjoyed his interview, on another note I have been trying to get his email to tell him that I recently purchased his perfume Pitbull for woman and by far one of the best I have, I’m not a perfume person but really the scent stays all day and its a of smell which I love. Please relate the message to him. Thank you

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