Jesse James: I Can’t Cry Over Louis Anymore

Things didn’t go so smoothly for Jesse James after he cheated on America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock. He became a pariah in the press, shuttered his West Coast Choppers shop and, although they had begun adopting baby Louis together, Sandra took Jesse’s name off of the adoption papers. But Jesse, who’s currently plugging his book, American Outlaw, says he’s forgiven himself and is determined to move forward for the sake of his three kids Chandler, Jesse Jr. and Sunny.

“I could only cry so much about [Louis] until I have to suck it up and keep a stiff upper lip and realize, Hey, [there are] three kids that I do have,” he says in a Nightline interview airing tonight (May 4). “I need to take care of them and not worry about the one that I don’t, you know, and I think that’s the lesson,” he says, adding, “I’ve never seen Louis since everything [happened].”

In his book, which certainly won’t make him any more popular with Sandra’s fans, Jesse says he felt trapped in his marriage and that cheating was the only way out. He recalls a simple incident on a trip to Cabo San Lucas with the Blindside actress that triggered his feelings of entrapment – Sandra had asked him to turn down the radio.

“I lowered it. Of course I did,” he writes. “That’s what any husband would do for his high-class wife. She wasn’t some whore in the back of a Daytona nightclub: She was a lady, with gentler tastes,” he continued. “But in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but feel kind of cheated. It was like I was Huckleberry Finn or something, when Widow Douglas decides to adopt him. They were ‘sivilizing’ me, and I didn’t know how to make them stop.”

“I couldn’t escape. Not even for an instant. Mentally at a loss, desperate for something to make me feel like I had some sense of freedom, I ran through the list of things I could do to assert my independence over my life. Infidelity, unfortunately, was at the top of the list.”

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  • Anonymous

    What a horrible man. G-d for bid his wife as him to turn the music down. and that makes him feel it is ok to cheat on her.
    he is disgusting

  • Anonymous

    It’s so sad that people will stay in a marriage when they are unhappy rather than ending it. I would much rather have my husband tell me that he wanted a divorce than to go on living my life and be completely blindsided and broken hearted to learn of an affair.

  • Anonymous

    poor baby

  • Angela

    How convenient for him that he was able to forgive himself … JERK!

  • PinkDiva

    What an absolute pig! How can anybody justify cheating multiple times because they were asked to turn down the freaking radio. This was obviously a man who was not ready for commitment. He should have done Sandra a favor and never married her in the first place. Disgusting!

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Sandra Bullock is lucky in the fact that she found out before the adoption was finalized so that she could dump Jesse Douchebag and never have to deal with him again.

  • J56

    Yet he getting married again he never learns

  • J56

    Yet he getting married again he never learns.

    • Lizski

      He’s marrying the lower class “whore” he talks about. I like Kat, but come on. She is no Sandra Bullock. And if you can’t be a big boy, grow up, and become CIVILIZED don’t marry above you. Just saying.

  • Grandma of Four

    Oh my gosh! Doesn’t this man understand the term “SILENCE IS GOLDEN”!!! He is such a self serving jerk! WHAT an embarressment to himself, his kids, and Sandra Bullock! UGH! :~( If I were Kat, I would be having serious double thoughts!!

  • Tara

    Louis is better off without him and do we really think Jesse shed any tears over him?!

    What a pathetic dithering excuse for a “man”. I agree he indeed is marrying his “whore” that he wanted. Kat is basically a child compared to Sandra. Sandra was tooooo good for him.

  • Bekki

    Wow!! How much more selfish could this jerk get? Sandra asks him to turn his music down, so he cheats!!!! Obviously he doesn’t know that marriage is about compromise and putting your significant other above yourself. And he’s gonna take the plunge again…ugh!! I agree with everyone else here, our dear Sandy was WAY too good for him. I wish Sandy and adorable Louis all the best and love seeing how happy she is with him.

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