Natalie Portman: What Bump?

Keep walking, folks – nothing to see here. Natalie Portman kept her growing baby bump very well hidden under a bulky coat as she walked around Tribeca in New York on Monday (May 2).

The famously vegan and ‘green’ actress currently stars in the film Thor, and director Kenneth Branagh credits her with keeping the set eco-minded. “We tried where we could to be, led by Natalie Portman who resisted the use of plastic bottles,” he says.

“She was an influence. And in the action sequences in terms of smoke, the energy we used, it was a factor. I think it is woven into what we do. It is an action movie and you’re gonna spill some water every now and again, but I think we attended to it and we did the best we could.”

Natalie and her fiancé Benjamin Millepied are expecting their first child together this summer.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    CBS – These pics can’t be from May 2– the weather was quite hot in NYC on that particular day and no one was dressed for a snowstorm, believe me.

    • Jenny Schafer

      That is the date our photo agency provided. She must be trying to hide her bump??

  • Anonymous

    Jenny, I’m not doubting you at all, I think your photo agency provided you with stale-dated photos.

    • Anonymous

      Look at the people in the background though. They’re all dressed for spring: one man is even wearing a t-shirt.

  • Janr56

    No Anonymous it was taken on May 2 for some reason Natalie thought that by wear that coat the paparazzi wouldn’t notes her but it makes her stand out more, look at the other people in the photo ether they have light jackets on or no jackets.

  • SMH

    Isla Fisher and her baby were all bundled up too on this particular day and I live in Philly area and our weather is quite the same as NYC for the most part. It was 85 on monday I was in a tank and shorts! And I agree if she was trying to stay hidden she’s just standing out like a sore thumb on this one! Nobody wears a parka in that kinda weather lol.

  • Anonymous

    Not just a parka coat but it looks like wool, I live in Manhattan and had on a t shirts and thin cardigan she must have been boiling she was better off without the coat because the paparazzi got their picture anyway her coat is a dead giveaway.

    Isla Fisher was NOT bundled up like Natalie like me she was wearing a thin cardigan but with a summer spaghetti strap top her baby had on a little sweeter Natalie way over the top.

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