Bristol Palin Talks Milestones & Morals

Dancing with the Stars alum, Bristol Palin was looking white hot at the Candie’s Foundation 2011 benefit gala on Tuesday (May 3), flaunting a new figure and ‘do to match.

But what the 20-year-old abstinence ambassador was more interested in showing off was her son, Tripp‘s latest accomplishments.

“He’s talking and running around,” the proud mama said of her 2-year-old tot. “Right now he’s taking skating lessons, so that’s something fun that we get to go to. I love everything about him!”

While she’s enjoying motherhood, Bristol tells Us she’d prefer that her situation were a little different.

“There are a lot of things that I love about being a mom, but you know what? Being a teen mom is not ideal at all and I wish that I could have had Tripp when I was in a married relationship,” says Palin.

A staunch supporter of abstinence and teen pregnancy prevention, Bristol plans to share her ideals with her son, being completely candid about how difficult it was for her to raise him at such a young age.

“I’m going to let Tripp know how hard it was for me to be a teen parent and how not ideal it is,” she tells the magazine. “I know that he’ll learn.”

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  • Janelle W

    Just go away! Seriously why even bother with her.

    • Anonymous


      Can you ever write anything positive. You seem truly miserable.

  • Tazina

    She’s had liposuction on her chin and neck, probably a chin implant and reshaping too. She looks fantastic! Check out where there is a close-up.

  • Tara

    Why am I not surprised that the first comment was negative. Tanzina yours was nice. But everyone is too tough on this girl and mostly due to her last name. I acknowledge I have condemned people on this board too- mostly adults who should know better. However I just find the attacks aimed at Bristol FROM mainstream media, late night show hosts, gossip sites are unrelenting and unfair. She has taken responsibility for her actions and that’s all we should care about.

    • Anonymous

      Give me a break! This girl is all about negativity. She gave birth and that is her sole claim to fame. “Life is soooo hard for me.” Yeah, right. She made more money from Candies last year than they donated to teen abstinence programs. She also supposedly runs PR for her mother. Who f-in buys that crap?! She is siphoning money from SarahPac that hardworking people gave. People criticize her because she is shallow and it has nothing to offer. It has nothing to do with her mother. Trust me, she is a LOSER in her own right. Have you not read her Facebook Posts or her comments about giving people the middle finger on DWTS? She is the one who decided to put herself out there. Everyone who puts themselves out there cannot expect everyone to LOVE them. And, they definitely cannot whine about it. Nor do you have any footing to b*tch about it either. Palin apologist piss me off. THEY ARE PERPETUAL VICTIMS. Bristol should take it or get out of the spotlight. PERIOD.

      • Chloe

        If her last name were Obama or Clinton would you say the same? Doubt it completely.

        Go spout your propaganda elsewhere troll.

        • Anonymous

          It would never happen with Obama or Cllnton because they actually raise(d) their children well.

          • Anonymous

            Chelsea yes she is great as are the Bush girls surprisingly enough.
            The Obama girls are still too young, but Michelle is a joke so we will wait.

            I for one cannot stand the Palins and anything they stand for but do not deny that the attitude towards Bristol has nothing to do with her mom. It makes your argument kind of bogus.

          • nosoupforyou

            I agree.

        • Anonymous

          Bristol is an adult and can stand on her own. She is gross on her own. She does not need her mother to show the world who she truly is. What? Just because someone does not fawn over her that person is a troll? Just because someone does not agree with you, you insult them? Hyprocritical much?

      • Tara

        Yes it’s very obvious your hatred has nothing to do with Sarah Palin.

        1- Candie’s corporate paid Bristol NOT the pregnancy awareness organization. They even printed a retraction in the NY Times about the misleading statement that she received it from the charitable funds!

        2- anyone that pays attention to a facebook page of a high profile individual without knowing them on a personal basis is somewhat pathetic and stalkerish. Particularly if that person hates the one they are following.

        3- no one said she didn’t put herself out there, she clearly admits that. But so what that makes a person fair game for all types of salacious and slanderous remarks? Sorry I disagree that just because you are a public figure that gives anyone the right to say anything. If this were true, why do we need a virtual “lynching” for anyone who says something perceived to be offensive regarding homosexuality, race or religion.

        4- it would seem to me the one’s who are the PERPETUAL VICTIMS are those who oppose her message of taking responsibility for one’s mistakes and not relying on others to sweep up their mess.

        • Ellie

          True. I believe some people would prefer she not work for her paycheck, that she be on the public dole, dress shabby and cheap, neglect her son, and all in all be a general loser. I think she is doing very well after a bad or awkward situation considering her youth.

          I’m often confused how people can veheminantly hate someone that they actually do not know on a real and personal level.

          • Anonymous

            And you know her on a personal level? How? Given your argument, how can you defend someone you don’t really know?

        • Anonymous

          “taking responsibility for one’s mistakes and not relying on others to sweep up their mess.”

          Haha, right. Do you mean, not relying on her millionaire parents to support her? I’m sure she’d be just as “responsible” if she didn’t have a rich family. She certainly wouldn’t have gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars of “educate” kids on all the things her ignorant parents never taught her in the first place about being responsible – she only got that gig because of who her mother is. She’s never accomplished a single thing on her own.

          • Chloe

            So Is she to blame for all the “poor impoverished souls” who got knocked up because most likely they are following the pattern of THEIR mothers. It’s called accountability. You can never use wealth or lack of it for doing the right thing. I know plenty of people at college who came from the inner city but worked their a**es off to follow a different path then their peers who end up on welfare or in jail. Get off your soapbox.

      • Anonymous

        I do not like Bristol at all but she is damned if she does damned if she doesn’t. You claim not to dislike her because of who her mother is but everything you wrote is a weakly veiled reference to her mom and anyone who has conservative views like theirs. At least be honest about that.

      • AnonymousMomfromPhilly

        If she is such a LOSER, what does that make you since you are reading about her? And taking the time to write a lengthy post.

  • Anonymous

    Abstinence only education didn’t work for Bristol, what makes her think it will work for anyone else? It also didn’t work for her mother as she was knocked up too when she married. How about instead she becomes a Learn Correct English ambassador? Since very few people in family can speak it right.

    It’s sad Republicans can’t showcase smart women. This one, the witch, the racist from Nevada. Sad.

    • Anonymous

      Why bring politics into this? Plus I can name hundreds of ignorant illiterate democrats on the city council where I live- particularly our mayor in Philadelphia Get to the point and leave your not on topic post to another board.

    • anonymous

      ” also didn’t work for her mother as she was knocked up too when she married”

      huh? That makes absolutely no sense at all!

      By the way it’s speak correctly not “speak right” if you are going to point out a flaw in grammar be sure you know what you are talking about.

  • Anonymous

    She sounds like she has good values. What else matters?

  • AnotherAnonymous

    Ok I am not a Bristol fan either, but seriously when you rant like that using derogatory names and insults I cannot agree with you. What do you accomplish by being nasty? Absolutely nothing. Not one other post on this board was filled with such hate. I think you need to RELAX. In the long run what affect does her success have on you?

  • Anon569

    CBS these pictures are from White House Correspondents’ Dinner 2011 and not at the Foundation 2011 benefit gala.

    Bristol looks trashy and cheap in this outfit, she was dress more for going to the club then the White House Correspondents’ Dinner someone needs to tell her how to dress for occasions like this.

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