Courtney Mazza’s Twitpic Tot

What a pretty pair!

Courtney Mazza shared the above picture on her Twitter account. The new mom smiled with her adorable 7-month-old daughter Gia. Papa Mario Lopez sat this one out, but he’s been keeping busy promoting his new cookbook Extra Lean Family.

The Saved By The Bell hunk says his new cookbook will help you and your family enjoy food more than ever.

Living ‘Extra Lean’ has allowed me to enjoy food more than ever, while maintaining my best health, and I want nothing less for my family or yours!”

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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. Tazina

    She looks like such a happy baby….adorable!

  2. Rachel

    She is so cute and looks identical to her daddy!

  3. Anonymous

    It’s Mario Lopez with a pink bow.

  4. Anonymous

    Why exactly should we care about Courtney? She is the girl Mario Lopez knocked up is all. She is a nobody.

    • Anonymous

      The reason I dislike Courtney is she is very immature. I agree her joke about going into labor on the reality show while Mario was at work was just plain wrong. I think she is very phony and Mario could have done a lot better.
      I’m glad she is enjoying the good life with Mario at his expense. Watch out Mario-you marry her and divorce-I promise you will be taken for everything. No doubt Courtney has very expensive taste-look at the nursery.
      She loves to get her hair and makeup and nails done professionally. $$$ Prenup Mario. Be smart.

  5. Anonymous

    Courtney is a broadway star. She is one of the most amazing singers and dancers! Very happy for her and mario.

  6. Lioness

    Awww, look at that cutie!! All Daddy, no question about it 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Does she always have to have your breasts exposed in every pic?
    What is next-playboy Courtney?
    That might boost your ratings in Hollywood. LOL

  8. Anonymous

    Broadway Star?
    She was an understudy quite a bit.
    Check her bio.

  9. Anonymous

    America was forced to dislike Courtney on their reality show.
    She is a whiny, clinging, insecure person.
    Pretending she was in labor?
    Who does that?
    Grow up Mazza.

  10. Dana

    I like this website, but if you are going to run a story, at least make it on someone who is a celebrity, not a reality star who wants to be a celebrity..

  11. Anonymous

    Mario will cheat on his baby mama the same way he cheated on all the others before her. She just THINKS she is different.

  12. Anonymous

    Seriously folks, didn’t you think the baby would have been cuter?

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