Jay Mohr & Nikki Cox Welcome Son Meredith!

Congratulations to comedian Jay Mohr and his wife Nikki Cox, who welcomed a baby boy today!

A rep tells People that the couple’s son, Meredith Daniel Mohr, arrived weighing 6lbs, 7oz.

“We are over the moon, filled with joy and every other cliché new parents use,” the proud parents gush. “He’s perfect.”

The name seems to be in honor of Nikki’s father, Meredith.

The baby is the first for the former Las Vegas star, but the second for Jay, who is also dad to son Jack from his previous marriage.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Tara

    Congratulations. Not crazy about jay but always liked Nikki. Although she seems to have some work done and does not look as pretty. Perhaps it’s just a bad picture.

  • Sonya

    I believe Meredith is actually Nikki’s father’s name.

  • klutzy_girl

    Slight error – You put mother instead of father. Meredith is named after Nikki’s dad.

    Congratulations to them! Still bitter over how Las Vegas ended.

  • Lisa Weber


  • Alaina

    Meredith is a girl name.

    • a chick named Meredith

      No its not. Its a surname from an old aristocratic Welsh family. Its been a name for men and woman. Its simply found popularity as a girls name. The composer Meredith Wilson was a man.

  • klutzy_girl

    Oh, this is starting again. Meredith was a boy’s name first, just like Ashley. It’s unisex now. And it’s after her father!

  • anon3

    what the h did she do to her face?!?! she was so pretty in that married with children-esque show.. now she looks bizarro- and she’s only 32! yeesh

  • Anonymous

    Might have started out being a boys name…but these days, it is well known as a girls name. I don’t think I would name my boy a girls name, just saying…………….
    But Congrats to them.

  • Anonymous

    i when their son comes home crying from school b/c he is being made fun of because his stupid parents named him Meredith, maybe they will realize they are being selfish, just like all those others celeb. parents who give their kids weird names.
    hopefully they will call him by his middle name
    but then why not just put the names with Daniel first?

  • Anonymous

    yeah….meredith is not a good name for a boy, who cares if it used to be. im all for uncommon names, but this is bad….

  • Anonymous

    Why do you people get so heated over this. Its a stupid name to give a boy yes and they should have used it for his middle name but its going to be their heartache to deal with when their child is made fun of. Doesnt mean its not going to get made fun of for a million other things. At least its not moraccan lol..

  • Anonymous

    And no one will care what his name is. His mother looks like such a freak from all that plastic surgery I dont think anyone will care. She is a mess!

  • Anonymous

    I hope they call him Daniel:(

  • Anonymous

    anon 10:13 and 10:25 said it perfectly…and 1:07am shut up people can come on here and comment withouth being “heated” seems to me you’re the one getting “heated”

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else find it odd that Jay and Nikki JUST appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (along with RHW of Orange County Peggy) on April 10th and there was absolutely no sign of a baby bump? If she gave birth on Thursday, she would surely have a big belly just one month ago…? Congratulations to them, no matter how their baby was brought into the world and I believe Meredith is a family name, which is sweet.

  • melo1983


  • Judge Judy

    It was never reported that she gave birth to the baby.

    Regardless, I’m sure they are ecstatic, and it’s always nice when a baby is named after a loved one. The name isn’t my style, but that’s not my baby, so not my business. Hopefully if he’s raised in LA the other children will have unusual names too and he won’t be teased for having a primarily female name.

  • Tessiemae

    Meridith …. he so going to get his butt kicked in school. They are going to give him hell from kindergarten until high school, so those parents better get prepared. Why do that to a little boy.

  • Sadie

    Meredith is a boys name that was used for girls and now really isn’t so I think it is a lovely time to revive it for boys.
    I grew up with boys named Kelly, Ashley, Whitney and Courtney and the only people who seemed to have a problem with it were ignorant adults.
    If you are all convinced that Meredith will have such a hard time then you had best stop naming your sons Taylor, Quinn, Hayden and Sawyer because they are also used for boys and *shock* they might get teased.

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