LeAnn Rimes Is Looking Forward To Mother’s Day

Newlywed LeAnn Rimes is looking forward to spending Mother’s Day weekend with her husband Eddie Cibrian and stepsons Mason, 7, and Jake, 4.

“My first bonus mom day will be spent with Eddie here in Canada!” the singer Tweeted from Toronto, where she’s busy filming her new TV movie, Reel Love, adding, “Our set makeup artist Mario gave flowers to all the mom’s for mother’s day. SO sweet I had some sitting in my trailer when I got here today.”

The 28-year-old singer and her handsome hubby told People this week that they were sure to involve the boys in their April 22 wedding day.

“The kids come first in everything we do. We wanted to make sure LeAnn and my wedding was not only ours, but their party too,” Eddie explained. “They were beyond excited to celebrate us all coming together as a family.”

Adds the happy bride, “They were at the forefront of our minds the whole time. I’ve always felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to them. But in that moment when I looked down at them, when we were saying our vows, it became more real than it had ever been. They don’t have to be my blood children to be truly loved.”

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  1. Anonymous

    So is that why Leann keeps tweeting about another woman’s kids because they are at the forefront of her mind? Seriously. I wish these sites would stop encouraging Leann and Eddie to use those kids like they are props. What does she know about being a bonus mother when she gets on twitter and tells complete strangers where and when they can find those kids? Leann is sick and she is constantly trying to make this about her. Why couldn’t she let BG have her day with her kids? Why does Leann act like she should get an award for being a step mother? Who does that?

    • Tara

      Agree. To be fair I do not know much about her. However you have to wonder if getting “flowers” in her trailer is her idea of being a mom? Let’s see how much she would tweet if she had to deal with sleepless nights, changing diapers, putting her needs last and so on. She comes across as a tad delusional. Plus why does he get the kids on mother’s day? Am sure it’s part of a custody agreement but if I were the stepmom I would insist their “mom” have them that day regardless.

  2. klutzy_girl

    Ugh, I am so sick of the hate towards LeAnn and Eddie. She seems like she really loves those kids.

    • hlbronson

      I have to respectfully disagree. While I am sure she does loves the children, I think she really loves using them as accessories…and says controversial things just to keep getting attention. They’re like little props to her.

    • Anonymous

      If she truly loved those kids, she wouldn’t have broken up their home and stalked their mother.

    • Anonymous

      What proof do you have that Leann loves those kids? Because she said that she loves them? Leann doesn’t love those kids because if she loved those kids, then she wouldn’t constantly pimp their names and faces out on twitter and to people mag when she has something she needs to promote.

  3. Anonymous

    I am sure she is a good step mom to them. They seem so comfortable with her. Maybe they will give the boys a brother or sister some day!

    • Anonymous

      Of course Leann will give those kids a brother and sister because she is the type of person who thinks that a baby has the power to heal her broken relationship with EC. Leann doesn’t love those kids. If she loved them, then the tweets about those kids and staged photo-ops with the kids wouldn’t exist.

  4. Anonymous

    Tara said it best… and LeAnn is annoying.

  5. SMH

    yeah the kids should be with thier mom on mother’s day. Just like they should be with their dad on father’s day.
    Leann has always rubbed me the wrong way. She and Giselle Buncheoun or however yous pell her last name rubs me the same way. I think step-parents are great but some come off as so high and mighty that they birthed the children, raised the children, and deserve a plaque for it.

  6. Sport

    What a freak.
    You ARE NOT their mother. You are an adulterous wannabee.
    Your obsession with ex-wife and ACTUAL mother is beyond disturbing and creepy.

    Just go eat a sandwich or something and stop trying so hard for attention. FREAK.

  7. Anonymous

    I see this site didn’t post the article about how EC, the same man who allows Leann to tweet about his kids and thus expose them to over a millions strangers and even did a major photospread with People mag that resulted in those kids faces and names being plastered all over the internet and several different blogs, is going to sue his ex-wife if she allows her kids to be on her show. Funny because EC didn’t have a problem with his kids privacy when he allowed Leann to make that tweet that is posted on this site and other sites.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m sorry but I just can’t STAND this woman. She makes me cringe.

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