First Glimpse of Jane Krakowski’s Son Bennett!

Meet Bennett Robert Godley!

30 Rock star Jane Krakowski showed the first glimpse of her adorable 3-week old son while strolling around New York City on Thursday (May 5). What a cutie!

The tot is the first child for the 42-year-old actress and her fiance Robert Godley.

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  1. Lioness

    He’s 3 weeks?? He looks 3 months in that pic! Very cute little man 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Are we sure that close-up is of Bennett? The baby looks older than 3 weeks, and that baby is wearing pink with a rather “girly” blanket. Cute baby either way!

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, are you sure that’s the right baby? Never seen a newborn look like THAT. And, not that it REALLY means anything, but that baby is wearing a pink suit and pink and green blanket. Just sayin’…

  4. klutzy_girl

    So freaking adorable!

  5. Lauren

    Cute! He looks just like her.

  6. Anonymous

    There’s NO way that is her baby. First it appears to be wearing PINK and second, that baby is MORE than 3 weeks old!

  7. amy

    why is her baby BOY in PINK with a PINK and brown blanket?!?!

  8. Anonymous

    I know, he can’t be three weeks old!

  9. alaina

    Baby Bennet is adorable.

  10. Anonymous

    He’s also wearing pink. That’s…interesting.

  11. Anonymous

    Why is he dressed in pink?

  12. Tazina

    I’m almost sure that’s the wrong baby. First, it’s dressed in pink. Also, assuming the photo was taken on this particular outing, there is no scarf around the mother’s neck in the photo with the baby. Shouldn’t there also be at least a hint of cascading blonde hair like Jane has? Perhaps someone who knows can set the record straight.

  13. Jennifer

    I agree.. that is NOT a boy or 3 weeks old.. check your facts CBS

  14. Anonymous

    That’s more like a 3 month old baby girl. There is no way that is a 3 week old baby boy.

  15. Hannah.J

    Gorgeous baby but we is he wearing pink he looks like a little girl but at least it’s a cute girl.

  16. Krissy

    That baby is not 3 weeks. The eyes are too controlled!

  17. Sophia

    Hmmm definitely not a 3-week-old baby in that picture. And I know gender stereotypes are a bit old-fashioned, but it still seems a little odd to dress a boy in a fully pink jumpsuit. Maybe Jane was catching up with a friend who has a baby girl and they got a photo of the wrong baby?

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