Juila Roberts’ Guilt-Free Life

Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts is one “Extraordinary Mom” to twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 6, and son Henry, 3. Her secret to managing motherhood, being a wife to husband Danny Moder, and a career without driving herself crazy? No “Mom guilt.”

“I felt I earned the right to stay home and be home and get super selective about what I wanted to do work wise,” Roberts explained to Access Hollywood‘s Kit Hoover.

And work isn’t the only place that she sets boundaries. Over the years, Julia has also learned that it’s important to have limits at home, as well.

“I try to have a steadfast rule that I run a kitchen, not a diner,” shares the actress. “So, I just make one meal, and this morning there was a little variation on that theme. I did take a couple of different requests. I try to be healthy, but I — listen, I love myself some bacon! So, I have to cook what I think we’re all going to enjoy. But I try to make it as healthy as possible.”

Roberts’ latest project, “Extraordinary Moms,” is a documentary featuring Rosie O’Donnell, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Christiane Amanpour, and other inspirational mothers that debuted on the Oprah Winfrey Network Saturday, May 7.

Julia is hoping that this is just the first of many projects that she’ll be working on with Winfrey; revealing that she gave Oprah “a little nudge” during a recent appearance on her show, expressing her desire to collaborate with the Queen of Daytime TV again in the near future.

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  • Anna

    No, I’m afraid you haven’t earned it but it is the singular privilege of your lucrative profession. Most working women have to continue working when they have children. Very few will have millions to stay home with but will have to make do with the single income of a partner/husband.

    You are fortunate.

    • Tara

      I see what you are saying and personally I have never been a fan of JR. However she actually has “earned” the right to be with her kids regardless of her career path. Some of us have been fortunate and had previous salaries that enabled us to remain home with our children. I do not think it changes the fact if you were an actress who earned millions or a professional who was comfortably compensated. The result is the same the ability to be accessible to your kids. It’s not fair to fault one for their advantages. Particularly if they worked hard for them. If she came off gloating I would probably think differently. God knows she does that on many other issues , but here I get what she is saying. She has the liberty of being more selective with her obligations now and it appears she places her family at the forefront.

  • Tazina

    Why does she even bother commenting? No ordinary hard working mother can relate to her. She does not know what reality is for the majority of working families. What they earn in one year is chump change for her.

  • Anonymous

    Although I can see where the previous posters are coming from (I can’t relate to her life either, as an “ordinary mom”), I have no problem with Roberts’ remarks. I think what probably irks people is the statement “Her secret to managing motherhood, being a wife to husband Danny Moder, and a career without driving herself crazy? No “Mom guilt.” This statement is not from Roberts. I am quite certain that she does not for one moment consider herself to be an average American mom and recognizes that she lives a life of privilege.

    One thing I’ve always appreciated about Roberts is that despite being an A-list celebrity and top tier award-winning actress, she lives in relative “anonymity” and keeps a very low profile outside of work commitments. She somehow manages to keep her family life and kids away from the paparazzi and unlike a lot of “celebs” on this site, could never be accused of courting publicity. She’s the kind of star who could pass you by on the street without recognizing her — i.e. no makeup, fancy clothes, etc. when she’s “off the clock”.

  • Anonymous

    Why shouldn’t she comment they ask a question she answered it and not once did she compare herself to the average mom work a 9 to 5 job. Julia did earned the right to stay home she work her butt off for the last 20 something years to get where she is now and is lucky enough to have a job that allows her that privilege. Now I bet if Jennifer said this there would be no comments because as much as some of you like to think Jennifer Garner is not like the average mom she lives a privilege life too so I find it funny when so many of you say that can relate to Jennifer and yet criticize Julia.

  • alias love

    Bravo! Anonymous @ 8:44pm
    BOTH Julia and Jennifer live a privileged life and guess what!? They both earned it. Why should someone feel guilty about something they’ve worked hard for? Some moms can afford to stay at home and choose not to. I have no problem with that either.

    • Tara

      Agree. Not sure why people assume because you can stay home with your kids you somehow did not deserve it. If one works hard, makes a good deal of money and is prudent in their savings they have certainly earned that right to stay home with their kids. Why should people have negative feelings towards that. I think it is a great commentary on how far women have come. One now has the ability to create a stable lifestyle on their own not dependent upon their husbands salary. That is such a positive thing. If Julia were an average woman who said she had to work and could not stay home with her kids, I wonder how much criticism would be thrown her way.

  • Courtney

    Um Julia was asked and she’s honest to a fault like her dear friend Joanne Woodward is. actually an oscar does earn you the right to be selective about the roles you choose to take on. obviously you don’t follow the film industry closely and a star can’t always refuse to answer a question when asked.

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