Bristol Palin & Son To Star In New Reality Series

Bristol Palin is making her way back to television, and she’s bringing her 2-year-old son Tripp with her!

BIO confirms that they have ordered ten 30-minute episodes of a yet-to-be-titled series starring the 20-year-old abstinence ambassador, her son, and another familiar face — Bristol’s former Dancing with the Stars castmate, Kyle Massey.

The show will follow Palin and Tripp as they move from their hometown in Alaska to Los Angeles to work with a small charity in need.

Bristol and Tripp will also have a couple of roommates — the Disney Channel’s Kyle Massey, 19, and his brother Chris, 21, who will also be helping with the organization.

According to BIO’s Executive VP of Programming, David McKillop, the daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is a perfect fit for reality TV.

“Bristol is the kind of personality BIO is drawn to,” McKillop said in a statement. “Her personal life has been playing out in the media for several years but this will be the first time she’s opening up her real life, with her son and friends the Massey Brothers.”

The show is slated to air at the end of the year.

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  • Anonymous

    great, so we can see her new plastic surgery in motion.


    • Anon

      SpeakinG of trash, nice language.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, it is called American English, and it is the only language I know fluently.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for posing this! Now I can add it to my list of Shows I Will Never Watch, Not Even If You Paid Me.

  • Ondine

    This simply can’t be true. This white unwed mother and her 2 year old baby are moving in w/ 2 black guys she’s not married to and they are making a reality tv show about it. It’s just too unbelievable for further comment. Sounds like whoever is producing this is determined to portray it like a Teen Mom train wreck tv show and very willing to ruin lives in the process.

  • Anon

    If you are not interested or as was so classily put that IDGAF, why click on the article or for that matter waste your precious time commenting.

    Good luck Bristol.

    • Anonymous

      Oh I don’t consider the time it took to comment a waste at all! It’s fun to rip such a complete waste of space that this girl is. She has done absolutely nothing in her life to deserve all the money and attention that get thrown at her. She has zero skills, education, or talent. If she weren’t the daughter of a rich Republican, she’d just be another trashy teen mother with no prospects, the kind that Republicans usually love to bash. But apparently when you’re a Republican, hypocrisy is a virtue.

      • Anon

        Boy someone is bitter. Sadly for you your jealousy shines through. She will be better off in life than you could ever imagine. Get a life because kharma is a b*tch sweetie pie!

        • Anonymous

          Of course she will. Doesn’t mean she did a single thing to earn it.

          Am I bitter that someone gets so much who doesn’t deserve any of it? Maybe. I’ve actually had to work for my money. The point is that she comes from a family and a political party who demonizes people who aren’t as fortunate as she is, and particularly people who do exactly what Bristol did (have premarital sex and get knocked up as a teenager) but didn’t have the good luck to be born into money. These people are absolute scum and they deserve to be called out for it.

          • Tara

            I suggest you go read up a little bit more before you demonize about 61% of the people in the US. The republican party has done more charitable funding than the democrats in the past 20 years. Bush expedited the funds, not merely on paper, for the largest single donation to AIDS\HIV in Africa than any president ever did. Clinton simply talked about it, Bush got it done. Not even his opponents denied this. Furthermore he was the individual who guaranteed equal rights for illegal immigrants and spearheaded the mandates that they if they were paying taxes they received immunity and were fast tracked for a green card. Do republicans believe one should stand on their own two feet and feel welfare only enables laziness and stunts ambitious drive. Yes. But I can bet whatever party you fall under you have deep issues with someone who doesnT work as hard as you claim to, receiving the same type of benefits as one that does.

            As far as sex before marriage that is 1% of the republican party. There are extremist on both sides. Just as a small minirity of democrats feel that we should be entirely socialists and that there should be redistribution of wealth as well as total government rule. I am a republican and I see errors on both sides of the line. This still is no excuse for being bitter towards a woman who has personally done nothing to you. This is the last I will say on this subject. There are way too many important things in life than to spend your time arguing on the merits or not of Bristol Palin.

          • AnotherAnonymous

            I somewhat agree. I am a democrat and I see flaws on both sides as well. What I don’t understand with anonymous above is that disliking someone because of association to a party is a bit uneducated. Because I am a democrat I cannot like people the Bush daughters but I have to like Michelle Obama. Or since I am a democrat I have to like Alec Baldwin but hate Bristol Palin. It makes no sense. If anonymous did not add the political bias to her argument I could support her post but as it stands it really loses any chance of that.

          • Alyssia

            Tara I agree and I am as far left as you can get. Lol. There are faults on both sides and it is odd to dislike someone based solely on their political affiliation. Let’s broaden our minds ladies!

          • Youngatheart

            I kind of see where you are going but I think you need to tone down your anger. Really in the bigger picture does it make that much of difference? She may not be the most likable person but she is trying to make a life for herself and her kids. Also I do not think the Palins are as wealthy as you say. If I had the chance to do what she does, I would in a heartbeat. ( except the teen pregnancy of course). But at least she is not living off the system like so many others.

    • Anonymous “IDGAF”

      I couldn’t tell you /precisely/ why without thinking about it for a few minutes, and it would probably be a somewhat long explanation, and you probably won’t even come back here, so I’m not gonna make the effort at this point in time. However, there are plenty of good and valid reasons.

      Let me ask you this: Are you interested, or do you GAF, about what I think or have to say? If the answer is “yes,” I’m flattered, but… I’m thinking you would probably say, “no.” So, then, why spend time responding to my original comment?

      As far as I can tell, humans don’t limit topics of discussion to only positive statements.

    • Anonymous “IDGAF”

      Hmm this is confusing now. I left the first comment, but I didn’t leave the long replies to you Anon 8:15. Except for one I just posted under this new pseudonym. And the thing about English being my 1st language.

  • Cabos

    So i guess she’s here to stay forever. I would’ve thought she wanted a more private life to raise her son away from the spotlight. I guess i’m wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly people will watch ANYTHING. Sad.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh really? BORING.

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