Jon Gosselin Wants “A Normal Life” For His Kids

In simpler times, Jon Gosselin was just a regular dad, struggling to raise eight kids with his wife, Kate, in suburban Pennsylvania. And then the camera crew arrived.

But almost two years after he was dropped from their once famous reality TV show, Jon has gotten a real job installing solar panels. The father-of-eight tells In Touch how losing it all was the best thing that has ever happened to him. “I really don’t miss anything about the reality TV life, to be honest,” Jon says, and adds, “It just wasn’t for me.”

Jon, 34, works a full time in the construction business to secure a great future for his family. He says he enjoys his job and his anonymity. And although his children are still on TV, Jon is determined to help them build a normal life once the spotlight fades.

My concerns for them are the same as any parent’s,” he says. “I hope they grow up and learn normal things. I hope that I instill enough parental advice in them that they do make the right decisions. I feel it’s best that I do what my own parents have done and raise them as normal children.”

“I love everything about my life now,” he says, “I love being with my kids. I just love being normal.”

He goes on to talk about his hopes for the kids.

It’s not like there on the other side of the planet 24/7. I talk to them every day,” Jon says. “Even when I did see them every day, it was hard to be away from then for even a little while. But I know the best thing I can do is go to work, get my paycheck and build a normal life for them when they come off TV.”

The once infamous playboy says he doesn’t miss the money and glamor of fame and loves everything about his life now: girlfriend Ellen, being with his kids and just being normal. “I’ve basically just kind of reinvented my life all over again,” he says. “I just want to give this new life of mine a huge shot and I want to stick with it. I really want to say that this is my last interview.”

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  • Alaina

    Jon children will never have a normal life.

  • SMH

    Well they won’t have a “normal” life as long as Kate has anything to do with it. Lets face it Kate can say she’s doing what she has to do to provide for her children but many people everyday with many children do normal things to take care of their kids. I think she saw the dollar signs rolling in and now for her it’s pretty much hard to stop. I think she really likes fame and right now she doesn’t have a lot to go on other then her 8 kids. But these kids will be growing up fast and nobodys’ going to really care to watch 8 teenagers on tv or maybe they will who knows. But I remember seeing a 1 hour special this year on the McCaughey septuplets and I found this special to be so much more enriching then all the episodes of Jon & Kate. I enjoyed very much learning about their other childrens disabilities as we also have children in our family with the same kind of struggles. They have made a very normal life for their kids. So it’s possible.
    I also don’t want to step on Kate’s toes. I mean if I saw the money rolling in too from all of this I think I would have a hard time stopping but as a mother you do have to find that common grouond where you say, “okay in the end is this making my kids happy!”. I don’t think she will ever think it’s harming them as she always says they get so many opportunities given to them that they would not have had they not done the show. May be true but those trips only last so long and you can build just as many memories at home as you can on a tropical island. I haven’t seen the show too much but in the episodes I have watched Cara and Mady always seem miserable if anything I would be more concerned about them then the six little ones. JMO of course.

  • Penny4YourThouhts

    I know Kate isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I like her and I also have a realistic view of life. She has 8 kids, all of which she had at one time. First the twins at the same time and then the 6 little ones at the same time. Yes people find ways to support their families, but everyone’s life is different, everyone’s job skills are different. There are people with big families who are doing just fine, but I think the majority of big families, struggle. Also unlike big families with children of different ages, Kate’s are all at the same age, so there are most likely very little hand me downs. Kate is doing what every woman who has kids wants: not struggling. She didn’t set out to have 6 kids, but got them, decided to keep them, and is taking care of them, which without this show, she most likely would not be able to do. Then she’d have to apply for welfare and suck up the money of taxpayers, which I’m sure would anger them more than her having her kids on this show.

    • Mari

      Kate Gosselin has made a lot of money, millions of dollars. More money than most large families, including those with unexpected multiples. Hopefully she has saved this money, and she could live very well until the children leave the nest. But I believe she likes a lavish lifestyle and has not saved much of the money.

      Struggling does not mean a horrible life. Many families have disabled children with lifelong severe medical conditions, are faced with unemployment, terminal illness, AND DON’T APPLY FOR WELFARE, and these families are intact, high functioning, loving, and supportive. Money is not the be and end all (unless your Kate Gosselin). Normal families find a way to make it work.

      Kate Gosselin has already robbed her children of normalcy. Bright camera lights and relentless filming for 7 years is abusive. For children to see their parents pictures on tabloid magazine covers is pitiful. To add insult to injury, the Gosselin children are not high functioning. The tups are 7 years old and in kindergarten, 2 kindergartners expelled for aggressive behaviors, several of the tups have speech impediments, and anger management issues are always present. However, Kate Gosselin loves to go on talk shows and spin the truth and reality. THIS FAMILY NEEDS HELP not pathetic rationalizations why they should stay on TV.

  • Anonymous

    Penny4YourThouhts @ This woman has more than enough money to live the rest of her life very comfortably, she says that the she has money put a side for all of the kids to go to college (which for some reason changes on her mood she given two different stories), book deals, royalties from John & Kate plus 8, Kate plus 8 and the fact that for the last 7 years her and all 8 of her kids have been getting paid millions for the show. There is no need for Kate to be on TV but greed get rid of the million dollar house, nannies but 1 and cooks that a lot of money going back in her pocket she can also get a real job too; so please don’t try to sell me and other the sad little story, that if Kate stops exploiting her kids on TV today she would be in the poor house and on welfare.

  • alaina

    There are plenty of family with multiples children. yet they still raise their children without handout.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see why everyone is mad that the train wreck noone seems to be able to look away from. If these producers weren’t insanely trying to create the next big hit we wouldn’t have mothers exploiting their kids from all ages!1 The Kardshians? REALLY? why are they so wildly popular because their momager Kris is obseessed with exploiting her kids at any cost..Ryan Seacrest is a Genius!..Who really cares about a bunch of talentless kids who are basically selling their souls for fame..but nothing said about that!

    • Mari

      It’s easy to look away from Kate Gosselin, it’s not easy to look away from her abuse to her children. The main difference between Kate Gosselin and other kids on reality TV, is #1, it’s 7 years of child exploitation; #2 her children have significant behavioral and academic issues which are evident from watching them on TV; #3 many of her children do not look “to thrilled” to be filmed or need numerous time outs which is uncomfortable to watch as a viewer; #4 Kate Gosselin has alienated the masses with her obnoxious and fame seeking behaviors; #5 Kate Gosselin changes her story and comments depending on the day — she is a liar; and #6 and lastly, she appears to care less about her kids and is not a mother she is a manipulator.

      • Mari

        And, oh I forgot, #7 and the end, as soon as Kate Gosselin gets frustrated with anything negative in the media, she immediately goes on a talk show to “set the record straight” with her lies (and of course, there is never anyone to give a counterpoint and balance check to her lying statements). After so many years of this same MO it’s just plain pathetic. Kate Gosselin should follow her ex-husband Jon’s example and just simply BE QUIET!

  • Anonymous

    I nolonger watch this show. she is a mean spirited person who is very self centerd. the way she would talk to jon just shows what kind of person she is. and i dont know about u but i for one do not believe she spends any amount of time especially quality time with her kids unless they are filming an episode. and u can totally tell she is playing for the camaras. she is fake and insincere person. i support the Duggers and how ever many kids they want cause they are better human beings then this woman is. but that is jmo

  • Dave’s Girlfriend

    Kate is more interested in having her silicone breasts hanging out with her short skirts than she is in her 8 kids. She thinks she is a real beauty after all her plastic surgery, but she has a terrible straight up and down body with absolutely no shape. She should sue her surgeons! She and Jon should both look at Cara and be able to see what they have done to her. Cara was the sweetest little girl, but now she almost never smiles and is a very unhappy child. I don’t admire Kate, I think she is the worse mother I have ever seen. I cannot stand looking at her and her LOOK AT ME attitude anymore. She is more interested in KATE than she is in her kids. God Bless the Children.

  • Anonymous

    I used to (many years ago) love Jon & Kate plus 8. When Kate was plain and somewhat normal. Now I watch her in high heels ALL THE TIME which is nothing like a “normal” mother nor anything how Kate used to dress, her painted nails, tight shirts and short skirts, I get angry! Money & fame have completely made her into caring about herself and her looks. As a Mom that works full time and raises her children in a “normal” setting my life allows little to no time for heels and constant pampering. She no longer has her children first and she and Jon both make me sick. They are making the 2 older girls misserable and not very happy girls. How can she call herself a good Mom? Sorry Kate, you have not been a good Mom for years!

  • Carrie

    SELFISH is the word to describe Kate. Her children have not been first for years. If they where 2 years ago she and Jon would have done EVERYTHING to make thier marrage work.
    Wearing high heels is not what a “normal” Mom wears on a daily basis, short skirts and tight shirts are nothing whay Kate used to dress like when her children did come first.

  • Anonymous

    i used to love jon & kate in the begining. im glad they cancelled the show. she needs a dose of reality.what she does isnt for the kids,she loves being in the spot light. i think she’ll try to get another reality show.ive heard her talk about doing a dating show,trying to find her a date. good luck with that,if any man watched and saw the way she treated Jon everyday,they’d run. i know i wont watch anything she does. good luck to Jon & kids.

  • Happy for you

    Kate is just so into herself that no-one has a chance. She blew off her own family and Jon I am so happy for you now. I am old enough to be your mother and I wish the same happiness for you as I do for my own children. I wish you would have been able to get out sooner. Enjoy your kids and your new life. God Bless!

  • Anonymous

    I wish I had something nice to say, but I never watched her painful, abusive to the children show. If she were my daughter, I would have encouraged her to rid herself of her egotistic lifestyle. She is so hard to watch. I had to watch her on DWTS and almost felt sorry for her as she made an ass of herself. She is the pure example of the me, me, me generation and anything to make a buck. I believe this approach is alot to blame for the troubles America finds itself in; making big bucks (like the obnoxious Kardashians)from sexual images and self indulgence. I just pray the children are not emotionally scared for life. God pays debts without money, so we will see what kind of future Kate has. Look at OJ, finally got what he deserved. Enough said, altho good luck Jon, seems you are at least trying to better yourself.

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