‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Enters Rehab

It hasn’t been a very good week for the girls of MTV’s Teen Mom series. Just a day after news broke that 20-year-old Amber Portwood lost primary physical custody of her daughter, it’s now being reported that her co-star, Jenelle Evans, 19, has entered rehab.

Sources close to Evans claim that the mom of 1-year-old Jace is seeking treatment for emotional issues and not drug or alcohol problems, despite her numerous drug related arrests.

“She is clean right now and has been that way for several weeks,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “She’s doing this program to help her cope with all the stress in her life: her family situation, her legal issues, her general anxiety.”

Earlier this year, Janelle plead guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia, and was also arrested for assault. In October of 2010, she was arrested for allegedly breaking and entering into an abandoned house to smoke marijuana.

Evans’ mother, Barbara, maintains custody of her son, Jace.

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  1. Lioness

    The mom should enter, too. Hope this girl gets the help she needs.

  2. SMH

    I hope they ALL get the help they need and this should be example number 1 why you shouldnt air your dirty laundary on national television for all to see!

  3. Anonymous

    Could have made an adoption plan so the baby could be in a loving/stable/mentally healthy family. Selfish.

  4. Anonymous

    Wonder if Janelle has entered Dr Drews Celebrity Rehab ?

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