Amy Poehler: “I’m Just Another Supermom! Who Am I Kidding?”

Amy Poehler’s interview in this Sunday’s issue of Parade magazine reveals that motherhood has definitely changed her. The funny actress talks about how her life is different now than her days performing on Saturday Night Live.

Mom to Archie, 2 1/2, and Abel, 9 months, she says her Sunday sleep schedule has been adjusted because of the kids.

They’re so different. I stopped being a vampire. Before kids, there wasn’t a night or 10 years that Will and I went to sleep before 2 a.m. I’d sleep until noon or one, and I thought 10:30 a.m. was early. Now I’m sound asleep by 11:30 every night, and the kids wake us up around seven—on a good day.”

On raising her sons she says, “I’m just another supermom! Who am I kidding? I’m lucky to get everybody out the door without Cheerios stuck to their pajamas.”

As for watching SNL the 39-year-old says she does watch it, but on Sunday mornings.

Poehler reveals, “I’ll watch it first thing on Sunday. Then I’ll text Seth Meyers [her former cohost on the Weekend Update segments] to say what I liked. I’m a Sunday-morning comedy quarterback.”

The Parks and Recreation star also admits she gets starstruck.

She says, “When I met Liza Minnelli, I just about lost it. My friend was pregnant, and Liza touched her belly and started singing from Cabaret [in perfect Liza tones]: ‘What good is sitting alone in your room…’ I don’t care if she’s done it a thousand times. I almost fell to the floor.”

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