Jessica Alba’s Bikini Bump

Expectant mama Jessica Alba showed off her baby bump in a bikini while holidaying in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with 3-year-old daughter Honor on Thursday (May 12). The Valentine’s Day star is currently expecting her second child with hubby Cash Warren.

Jess recently said that Honor is super excited to welcome the baby.

She says the baby will be more like her baby because she’ll be the mom and I’ll be the grandma,” the gorgeous actress said with a laugh. “She gets upset when I’m like, ‘No, I’m the mom.’ She’s like, ‘No! I’m the mom. You’re the grandma!’ And I’m like, ‘I’m not even 30 yet!'”

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I though she might be do in July but now seeing her stomach I’m guessing either august or maybe even September. Im guessing boy.


My daughter years ago claimed her new baby brother was “her baby” and she meant it. Well, she meant it until he became a toddler and wanted to be with her all the time. I don’t believe that made my daughter a brat.


Paparazzi what the picture soon rather than later they tried to break into Halle Barry backyard to get the first photos of Nahla and have done similar things to other celebrities, once you get the first photos out their they leave you alone unless they’re out and about with the new baby.


That is gorgeous that her daughter ould say that. i mean after allmost older sibling say their young siblings are their babies. but i love jessica she is a good mother to her daughter honor. and im guessing she is going to have a girl.


I don’t recall Jessica and Cash ever selling baby photos of Honor when she was born. Perhaps you are thinking of some other celebrity. As for these photos, you can see it’s done with one of those long lenses, probably a pap hiding behind some shrubbery.


She was on the cover of OK Magazine


Is she and her husband going to make another million for the pics of baby #2? Media had better stop this stupid money game. Paparatzi will take some pics sooner or later, right?


The reason some people sell their baby pics is just as often because of the paps and their CRAZY STUNT BEHAVIOUR to be the first to get said baby pics. They often put the children and parents in danger and end up harrassing both. So the parents do a magazine cover. Sometimes they keep the cash, sometimes they donate it but once the pics are out there they’ll be less pursuit by idiots with cameras trying to be the first to get a clear shot.

Can’t blame anyone for wanting a bit more of a quiet life.


Jessica, my sister is an immigration and social service lawyer and you would be surprised at how many of her “clients” are grandmas and even great grandmas in their 30s. It’s sad but it happens.

Agree though not sure why it’s considered “bratty” that honour says she is the baby’s mom. Relax people.


she is looking great!