Camille Donatacci’s Rep: The Kids Don’t Want To Stay With Kelsey Grammer

Actor Kelsey Grammer recently petitioned the court seeking sole custody of his children with ex-wife Camille Donatacci.

Grammer, currently in Chicago filming his new series, Boss, has requested that daughter Mason, 9, and son, Jude, 6, stay with their mother for half of their summer and winter breaks from school, remaining with him and new wife Kayte Walsh for the rest of the year. But Camille’s publicist, Howard Bragman, tells Pop Eater‘s Rob Shuter that the kids aren’t exactly on board with their father’s plans.

“The children are at home with Camille where they want to be,” says Bragman.

Since their parents’ messy divorce, Mason and Jude have spent most of their time with their mother in California, visiting Kelsey on the east coast where he lives with Walsh; just one of the many reasons friends of Camille say that the kids should stay put.

“The children have routines, school, friends, and are surrounded by people they know and love,” another source tells Shuter. “To move them across the country to spend time with their dad and his new wife, whom they hardly know, and nannies while their father is working makes no sense at all.”

Kelsey and Camille were married for 13 years before the former Fraiser actor ended their relationship.

Camille discovered that Kelsey was dating Kayte Walsh while he was in New York City performing on Broadway. The fallout from his affair and the couple’s divorce was caught on camera as Camille starred in Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Grammer and Walsh tied the knot in February 2011, just days after his divorce from Donatacci was finalized.

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  • Janna

    How about you stop fighting your custody battle in public and in the press?

    • Anonymous

      @Janna- usually like your posts but lately you have been way too catty and judgmental. Try to lighten up will you?! Camille most likely has to fight fire with fire. Kelsey gets all the attention she needs to let people know she won’t take his bullying.

  • Anonymous

    Camille and Kelsey are both just as awful and selfish, not to mention childish. I don’t believe a word Camille says after her constant lies and spinning and Kelsey hasn’t shown much integrity either. I feel for those kids who are just a pawn and objects to win at this point.

  • Lover

    The creepy guy is a pedophile. She should demand full custody. I wouldn’t let my children near him. Camille should subpoena the original filing of the complaint he paid to go away. The man is a sicko.

    Better yet she should subpoena the tape that IDG has of Kelsey in drag masturbating with a butt plug in. Word back then he finishes his solo act urinating on himself. Twisted mother tucker he is!


    Kelsey is a pedophile. I guess in 1995 statutory rape was all the rage. After falling to convince his good friends father that he actually was in love with his 15 year old daughter who he raped Kelsey paid a large sum of money in return for the girl rescinding her chargers. Funny what fame and celebrity can do. Anyone else would be doing time for the crime. On the bright side at least it wasn’t a 15 year old boy.

    Welcome to the California Department of Justice’s Internet web site, which lists designated registered sex offenders in California.

    As a result of a new law, this site will provide you with access to information on more than 63,000 persons required to register in California as sex offenders. Specific home addresses are displayed on more than 33,500 offenders in the California communities; as to these persons, the site displays the last registered address reported by the offender. An additional 30,500 offenders are included on the site with listing by ZIP Code, city, and county. Information on approximately 22,000 other offenders is not included on this site, but is known to law enforcement personnel.

    Kelsey Grammer – star of the Emmy-winning comedy “Frasier.” In 1995, authorities in Arizona decided
    not to prosecute Grammer for statutory rape, and a New Jersey grand jury declined to indict him on the
    same charge.

    Now comes the latest volley from Washavsky, who isn’t inclined to let this kind of thing die easily. He fired back Thursday by posting Grammer’s lawsuit–and a lengthy diatribe against the actor, who has had very public bouts with alcohol and drug addiction.

    “S***bags don’t always end up in jail or in politics,” IEG says on its site. “Frasier star Kelsey Grammer has a string of Emmys to his credit, as well as a woeful trail of drunk-driving and cocaine arrests, skipped court appearances, drug rehab sob stories, public allegations of sexual misconduct…and tasteless box office bombs.”

    And Warshavsky’s attack doesn’t end there. He tells the New York Post, “We have been presented with another Kelsey Grammer tape. But we have no plans to air it. We are still evaluating it at this time.”

    As to the alleged contents of that alleged tape, Warshavsky wouldn’t say. Still, perhaps anxious to get back into court, IEG includes a parody of what it “imagines” such a tape might include.

    This conjecture–titled “Kelsey Grammer, Butt-Plugged Mensch or Wench?”–features Grammer performing solo sex acts with himself while wearing women’s clothing and includes an image of Grammer superimposed with a pink bra.

    “We put this bra on Kelsey. Did he put one on himself?” the caption asks

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