Josh Duhamel On Making Babies With Fergie: “We Like to Procreate!”

While hiking in Brentwood on Thursday (May 19), Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel were photographed going about their regular fitness routine. What didn’t appear regular however, was that Fergie, 36, appeared to be cradling her belly. While no official pregnancy news has surfaced yet, we can’t help but speculate a baby bump!

News of a baby-on-the-way wouldn’t come as a complete surprise though, based on Josh’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday where he eagerly talked about wanting kids with his pop star wife.

While promoting his new film Transformers, Josh told Ellen that having kids with Fergie, his wife of two years, is something he has “always wanted.”

The hunky actor went on to say, “I used to want five, six but you know, probably not realistic anymore. Plus, I’m probably a little more selfish than I thought I was, so I think two is good. I think two is a good number. You can give them the right amount of attention, but whatever. We’re both from Catholic families we like to procreate!”

Ellen then asked, “So you may have like six or seven… you’d ignore the other five or something?” To which Josh laughs, “I would pick out my two favorites and ignore the others.”

Stay tuned…’I Gotta Feeling’ we may be hearing more soon!

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Photo credit: Pacific Coastal News

  • klutzy_girl

    She looked pregnant at the MET ball a few weeks ago, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Anonymous

    And maybe she’s got a stitch.

  • Janna

    Maybe she’s pregnant, maybe’s she not…. but to say she’s “cradling” her belly in this picture is hysterical!!! Talk about seeing what you WANT to see!

  • domii

    shes not pregnant she had no baby bump at bep concert last week she will be touring all summer 😉

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for female celebrities if they gain weight, touch their stomach, are blotted, have a belly, or their boobs look bigger their some a rumor about them being pregnant, I think people need to lay off until they announce it.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Especially in the case of people like Mariah. Maybe their not divulging because they fear announcing a pregnancy then having a miscarriage or have had miscarriages and/or difficulty getting pregnant. I understand wanting to know, but at least let them announce because you have no idea what’s going on with someone.

  • Anonymous

    Right, because pregnant people are the only people who ever touch their stomachs. I’ve never been pregnant and I’m sure my hand has never, ever touched that part of my body.

    I’m almost embarrassed for whoever wrote this post.

  • Anonymous 8

    Maybe it’s a cramp from walking, maybe it’s an itch. Here’s one photo a still photo, she might have been lifting her hand up to her heard but the photographer got her in mid life. Or maybe she’s pregnant 🙂

  • Lioness

    That doesn’t look like a baby bump- it looks like there’s something in the front pouch of her jacket, or underneath her jacket, and she’s touching it. Reaching on this one, CBS.

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s pinching a cramp from jogging instead…?

  • Anonymous

    LOL. I’m glad that whenever I’m seen touching my stomach no one assumes I’m pregnant!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t remember “cradling” my belly at the early stages of pregnancy…As others have suggested, maybe she has a stitch or a stomache ache. Otherwise, Fergie looks pretty slim and trim to me, so give her a break on the speculation until it’s official.

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