Marion Cotillard Welcomes Son Marcel!

Marion Cotillard is a mom!

The Inception star and her partner Guillaume Canet welcomed son Marcel in Paris on Thursday, May 19.

“Mother and baby are fine,” a source close to the beautiful French-born star tells People, adding that she’s “very happy.”

The baby is the first for Marion, 35, and Guillaume, 38, who first met on the set of the 2003 film Love Me If You Dare and started dating a few years later.

Congratulations to them!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Solene

    Congrats Marion and Guillaume! But being french, I find the name to be too old-fashioned! I don’t like it, but to each their own!

  • Anniebell

    Oh I love that name! Good luck to her and her new baby!
    P.S I don’t think I ever saw a photo of her pregnant…Did anyone else?

  • Anonymous

    I agree! I’m french too, and the name is so old-fashioned. I think it sounds weird for a little baby! But congrats to them!

  • lila

    congrats to her!!!!
    guillaume and diane kruger were just the most beautiful couple, so sad they got divorced, but marion an he are cute too!

  • Melba

    (Glad to see I’m not the only French reader !!)

    I also think it’s a very old-fashioned name (too old fashioned for me anyway !). But I also thought I could name a baby boy Gaspard or Gaston, so … Luckily (for them !!) I only had girls !

    There are very few pictures of her being pregnant, I didn’t see a lot, even here in french magazines …

    Anyway … Congratulations to the both of them and welcome to Baby Marcel !

    (I hope my english is ok …)

    • Tara

      My best friend’s husband is named Gaston and she wanted to name her son that too. However they opted for Max instead. Btw neither are French;)

      Your English is much better than many who have it as their first language.

      • Anonymous

        Very good English! That is the truth and what’s sad is you never hear an American apologize for how bad their grammar/english is! It amazes me how good the English is in foreign countries. Impressive.

  • Lissa

    Best birth announcement I’ve heard in a while.

  • Cotillard Love

    Congratulations on baby blessings! I don’t know where she lives right now but I only saw one photo of her the entire pregnancy and that was very early on at LAX.

  • Cotillard Love

    Marcel could be a family name. I like it. I like old fashioned names.

  • Annie123

    Wow I thought I was the only French reader here! I agree with the others that Marcel is very old fashioned, but it’s very fashionable in Paris now to use those names. I live near a daycare and so many kids are named Gustave, Emile, Antonin, Maurice, Adèle, Bertille…
    Marcel was also Edith Piaf’s big love, a nice reminder of Marion’s oscar role in La Môme.

  • An30

    My now 12 year old son is also named Marcel! Although I’m not French (I’m American of Mexican descent), I found it to be a nice, strong name that could be easily pronounced in both English and Spanish.

    Upon hearing her naming her son Marcel, all I could think of was her scene in “La Vie en Rose” where she is running around her house screaming “Marcel!” after the death of her lover.

  • Noa

    French here too and I actually like “Marcel”… it’s not worse then Jules or Pauline, in fact I think it’s cuter. Gaston though… my grandfather’s name. Can’t help but start singing nino ferrer’s song…

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