Billie Dane & Honor Warren: Playdate Pals!

What a sweetheart! Beautiful Billie Beatrice was on the go during a visit to Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills, California yesterday with her parents Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane (May 21).

One-year-old Billie ended up having another A-list playdate with Honor Warren as the famous families ran into each other again at the playground.

Honor’s mom Jessica Alba, who is currently expecting her second child, sat and chatted with Rebecca and her handsome Grey’s Anatomy hubby while the two girls played on the swingset. Adorable!

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. JKCBF

    Maybe it’s nitpicking, but should a 1-year-old be wearing such a long necklace? Could definitely be a strangulation hazard.

  2. Anonymous

    LOL my definition of an A-lister would be award-winning “leading lady” film stars like Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie,… NOT Rebecca Gayheart. Sorry if I’ve offended her legions of fans.

  3. Elizabeth

    I wonder how Rebecca would feel if her daughter were killed by a driver like she killed that little boy and got off with just probation. Goes to show if you’re a celebrity you get it easy…

    • Anonymous

      this shows who is a celebrity today. awful. i would disagree that she is a monster if she was not involved in 2 car accidents and the second after the killing of the boy. i have no feeling for her.

  4. nicoleC

    Billie is so adorable !
    Leave Rebecca alone,ok? i think she is wrong is previous,but she may right right now !?

  5. Anonymous

    it was an accident right? i cant remember if she was under the influence, or not? if not though she probably struggles with it everyday, but she is still here whats she suppose to do, stop living her life?

  6. Rebecca

    Rebecca wasn’t under the influence of anything when she hit that boy…she was on a cell phone — even worse. She probably is ashamed of herself, as she should be. But Billie shouldn’t be hurt for the mistakes her mom made…

    • Anon

      How is hitting someone while on a cell phone worse than doing so while under the influence? They’re both terrible. But seriously I can’t believe people still mention the accident in her posts. Unless that little boy was someone you knew or part of your family, you need to move on!

  7. Anonymous

    I’m sorry but whether we admit it or not we have all been on the phone a time or two while driving. it was a tragic accident that could have happen to anyone.

    • common sense

      Speak for yourself, Anonymous and stop with the sweeping generalizations. Believe it or not, there are those of us who focus on the road at all times and avoid distractions like cell phones and applying make up while behind the wheel.

  8. Elizabeth P.

    I heart the necklace. Where can I find it for my Kenzie?

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