Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Daughter Katherine Tweets About Forgiving Her Dad

Looks like Patrick Schwarzenegger isn’t the only one tweeting about the struggle over his parents’ break up. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s daughter Katherine has also opened up emotionally on Twitter since the split.

On May 18th the author and volunteer advocate tweeted: “Everything happens for a reason, the hard part is finding out what that reason is.”

On Sunday (May 22), picking up on a quote one of her followers sent her, she said: “Sometimes we forgive people cause we want them back in our lives.”

Despite the recent turn of events, it is well known that the former power couple’s daughter has always had a strong bond with her family. Late last year, the eldest Schwarzenegger sibling said: “My mom was always good with me. She always checked in with me. I had the best relationship with my mom. I still do. I talk to her four times a day… I also have an amazing relationship with my dad… I talk to him about boys, about going out, about what I’m interested in, about business.”

And while it would seem that there is now a long and uncertain emotional road ahead for the Schwarzenegger/Shriver clan, the GirlPower Award winner continues to remain steadfast in her devotion.

On May 17 she tweeted: “This is definitely not easy but I appreciate your love and support as i begin to heal and move forward in life. I will always love my family!”

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  • Anonymous

    those kennedy genes are so strong. I never noticed how big Arnold’s head was ( u can take that anyway u want). His head is three times the size of katherine’s.

  • Anonymous

    From what I’ve seen and read, Katherine is a gracious, poised and intelligent young lady and a credit to her parents.

  • Anonymous

    she is huge

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