Dannii Minogue & Ethan Arrive In Australia

Dannii Minogue and her 10-month-old son Ethan were spotted arriving at Melbourne airport on a flight from London, England yesterday (May 22). The jet-setting duo make the trip often as the family splits their time between the UK and Australia.

After much speculation Dannii confirmed just last week that she won’t be returning as a judge on The X-Factor, saying that she was “disappointed” and adding, “I’m going to miss the show and the amazing team who work so incredibly hard on it.”

Dannii’s boyfriend Kris Smith, a model, didn’t join the pair on their trip Down Under.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anon

    What kind of growth hormones is she feeding that kid??

  • Haven

    Aw, what a cutie! He’ll be bigger than her soon.

  • Anonymous

    that baby’s head is bigger than her’s. how tall is she?

  • Anonymous

    she looks as akward as if it was the first time she held him. ever.

    • hlbronson

      I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe he was just squirming to get down…but I completely agree, she looks like she’s never held a baby before!

      • melo1983

        Is there a certain way to hold a big 10 month old? Just wondering

    • SarahF

      The baby is huge and she just shrank

  • Iris

    What a sweetie! He looks big! Given that Dannii is very petite he looks enormous in the first pic! I’ve always liked chubby babies!

  • Anonymous

    very cute baby but big

  • helen

    the baby is bigger than her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    She must be tiny!!! The baby’s head is as big as hers.

  • Anonymous

    is it the angle?? he looks huge o_o

  • Anonymous

    did she give birth to a 17 year old???

  • Anonymous

    His legs are bigger than hers…lol.

  • Danielle

    Little Ethan isnt so little anymore. Seems he favours his mother looks wise but his father side when he comes to size. He’s going to be the tallest Minogue ever. hehe. Dannii is only 5ft2 and a U.K size 6, so yes she is small and he looks heavy. From her recent tweets of having to buy flat shoes (looks like she’s wearing them too) as Ethan is on the move I imagine that’s why she’s struggling he probably wanted to get down and crawl off after being on a plane for all those hours. Plus he does look slightly red eyed so maybe he’d been throwing a strop.

  • Daniella

    This looks like a picture of my aunt (who’s very petite at 5’1”) holding my oldest brother when he was a baby (he’s now 6’7”). Ethan’s obviously a very healthy lil’ boy, but poor mum’s definitely not going to be able to carry him for too many more years!

  • Da

    Sheesh that’s a big kid. He’s cute and apparently going to be a giant one day.

  • Annika

    I’ve been there, taking my 11-month old from Australia to Europe. Even if they fly first class, the trip is an absolute nightmare. Soooo long!
    Poor Danni and the kid, they’re clearly over it! He is huge just like my son was at this age, my son is now 6 and he is tall and lean.

  • Heart

    Baby so beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Woah that baby looks HUGE! also his head is looking larger than hers, strange

  • Heart

    Cute baby

  • Ryann

    lol, he’s like a size of a 2 year old.

  • Anonymous

    Cute baby, I too like chubby babies. It’s not awkward she’s holding her baby that way, only because he’s too big for her hands

  • Anonymous

    spitting image of dannii

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