Jordan & Max Bratman Hit The Playground

What a doting daddy!

Jordan Bratman enjoyed some time with his 3-year-old son Max this weekend, taking a trip to the playground at the Malibu Country Mart on Saturday (May 21).

Dressed in his standard uniform of jeans, T-shirt and a New York Yankees baseball cap, the newly single dad – his divorce from Max’s mom Christina Aguilera was finalized last month – gave his son a lift when it was time to head back to the car.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • alaina

    Max is wearing diaper at the age of three.

    • Tara

      Ok because i had a women tell me today that my son should be oit of diapers today this has hit a nerve. He is only 29 months. Seriously this is a problem?! What is with this push to make them grow up so fast? Sorry it really is getting to me. I am so tired with moms telling me “your son should be doing this…” ” your son should NOT BE doing that…”. Then I was informed it was “wrong of me not to put him in pre school yet!” Apparantly i am destroying any chance of an ivy league education. Would someone please tell me where the perfect guidebook to raising a child properly is so I can be sure not to make anymore mistakes…

      Sorry Alaina my vent is not meant towards you at all-your posts are usually very kindhearted.

      • NJMOM

        Tara- there is no correct age for your child to be potty trained… there is a normal range… and at 29 months there is no reason to panic about potty training especially for a boy… and FYI… If I was a stay at home Mom I would keep my kids from school until around 3 1/2 to 4…. Enjoy all the mommy and me time with him you can. play groups are fine to help them learn social skills…. 🙂

        • Tara

          Thanks so much njmom. I swear it’s a whole different world and I am finding out that my ways are what is categorized as old fashioned. Never realized how much unsolicited advice is out there. Makes me want my mommy- He is still in one piece so I am ok;)

          • DB

            I never understand why some people weren’t taught or intuitively know when to keep their opinions to themselves. Everything we think doesn’t need to be unleashed onto the world. I stayed home until I was 5 (had older siblings) and to this day, spending that time with my grandmother and going different places with the funniest, most informative time in my life and I look back on it fondly. Enjoy your kids, I don’t know where the idea came from you can’t socialize or learn anything outside of an institutionalized setting came from. Funnily, the kids don’t seem any smarter or well adjusted today than they did when I was a kid (in my late 20s now).

      • Anonymous

        Hey Tara, you are hanging out with the wrong moms! Come up here to Canada and we’ll have coffee, our kids can play and we can vent together, okay.

        My daughter is your son’s age – she’ll be 3 in August actually, and potty training is NOT going well. When my son was at this stage, some people told me girls are so much easier. Maybe some girls, but not mine!

        Wrong of you not to put him in preschool? That’s a nutty comment and I hope you put them in their place. The child is under 3 for pete’s sake and I’ve never heard of preschool starting before 3 (okay, maybe a montessori or daycare/preschool combination) and there’s always a written rule that the child must be potty trained. If not, where can I sign up.

        • Tara

          I love Canada. I have been to Vancouver, Montreal and Prince Edward Island. So beautiful. Sadly I grew up in an area full of the type that keeps up with joneses too much. I lived abroad for so many years when I came back I wanted to be where I new best ( East Coast). I will say if it were not for my friends from childhood I would have no new mommy pals in the area. They are very competitive and judgmental. They look at me like I should be back in the 1950s for what I think.
          Thanks for the tips it means ALOT;) I never planned on putting my son in daycare or even preschool until he was at least 4. That’s why I was fortunate to have saved enough to be with him all the time. I know life is too precious and want to enjoy every minute.

    • Anonymous

      My child will be 3 in a few months and alas, she is NOT potty trained. Since you’ve obviously been there and done that, I’d appreciate some tips.



    Alaina- just curious how do you know he still wears diapers? and if so he may have regressed back to diapers due to divorce…. many times small children will go back developmentally (back to baby talk, diapers, and bottles) when family events happen (New baby, death, divorce)…

  • Anonymous

    Alaina-Do you have kids? A 3 year old in diapers isn’t unusual. If he were 5 I would be worried. My girl was potty trained by 3 but supposidly boys are harder to train than girls!

  • alaina

    njmom because the top of his diaper is showing

    • NJMOM

      Alaina- thanks… I looked and looked but I could not see how you knew that… I thought it may have been from another article or something… LOL

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Jordan to being a great parent without needing the nanny to go with you everywhere. This only shows who the stronger parent is and your also a working father so what is Christina’s excuse she brings the nanny to the grocery store and introduces Max right away to her new boyfriend. At least there are no pics of Jordan partying or any new women around his son. Don’t worry a nice woman will come along for you one day.

  • Heidi

    A boy not potty trained at 3 is NOT uncommon.. especially wearing a diaper when they go out to avoid accidents. it is much easier to use the potty or work on that at home with a kid that age.. girls are much easier to train.. many end up wanting to do it themselves early.

  • Audrey

    maybe he’s wearing a pullup? Anyway, none of my 4 eldest grandkids potty trained before age 3. Mine were out of diapers earlier, but when i think back on it I’m never really certain that it wasn’t we parents that were trained and not our kids.

  • Chloe

    A question: If disposable diapers had not been invented and you had to use cloth diapers and rubber pants all of the time – if you had to trundle around little moist stinky packets of used cloth diapers in public – how long would you let your children go without being toilet trained?

    • anonymous

      Don’t know Chloe, but what worked for you with your little one(s)?

  • Anonymous

    Poor Jordan he has gone thru a really hard divorce in the public eye and he still has remained there for Max. I think the media needs to COMMEND him not Christina she gets drunk everywhere is hardly with her kid. Kuddos to Jordan I’m sure he thought she would be different to him he always said in his heart he always felt like she was right for him. I believe he truly loved her.

  • Crazy Moma

    I just have to comment on this potty training stuff. This truly is one of those things that can be judged so easily because so many times parents dont train their children due to their own laziness. I have had the good fortune to train 3 kids and play a big part in my baby sister. My oldest was 14 mts. She was born in April and June rolled around she told me she was hot and would remove her diaper. I told her she either had to wear the diaper or use her potty. She chose the latter. Never had an accident never wet the bed. She also talked well at 6mts. This is key obviously. Child 2 (boy) he was actually 3 yrs old but he has cerebal palsy. This was a nightmare. I am sure I did it wrong so I have no advice here. Third kid (girl) would be what I would consider a normal kid. Talked at a “normal” time not ahead not behind on the scales. She was 2 and would easily go #1 but you could forget #2. She would actually go get me a diaper so she could poop in it. After months of doing this I took her to the doc. He is an older pediatrician. He said what if she didnt have a diaper to put on. Ok. I would make her go get the diapers. When we ran out I left the empty package where it always was. She came and said she needed a diaper, I said get me one. She brings empty bag, I say guess you will have to use the potty. She walked into the bathroom got the potty went out on the porch did her business end of story. My sister was are you sitting down…..9months. Rolled off the bed at 2wks, walked at 7 months, has pretty much been he** on my mom her whole life. I guess the key here is let the kid play a role in what is happening to them. Diapers are easy on them too. They dont have to think, stop what they are doing or anything. Just be CONSISTENT and dont put pull ups on them. They feel the same as diapers. They need to feel the wet running down their legs to get the idea of what is going own. If they wet the bed at night consistently after the age of 4 dont sweat it. Get rubber sheets and lots of washing powder. Make sure bedding is light weight easy to wash (no comforters) this too shall pass. I hope this helps someone out there.

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