Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban’s Beautiful Babes

It’s our first clear glimpse of baby Faith!

High profile couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban along with their two adorable daughters – Sunday Rose, 3 in July, and Faith Margaret, nearly 5 months – were photographed at the Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday (May 24). The doting parents carried their cuties as they made their way through the busy airport.

“Having given birth and then being there to see my child born in that way, I felt so much love for our surrogate, gestational carrier,” Nicole recently said.

The Academy Award-winning actress also explained why she uses the term “gestational carrier” as opposed to “surrogate” – something she was criticized for in the days following the announcement of baby Faith’s birth.

“We were trying to be accurate,” she shared. “The term ‘gestational carrier’ is used if it’s your biological child and if it isn’t, then you use ‘surrogate.’ I mean, who knows what it is. But she’s the most wonderful woman to do this for us.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • klutzy_girl

    Aww, Faith Margaret is adorable! And poor Sunday just looks so tired.

    Love this family!

  • love

    Oh my God! the most beautiful family.

  • Anonymous

    OMG! How beautiful are those little girls. I love the way Sunday is dressed, so classic. These are lovely pics of the gorgeous family.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Faith has a birth mark on her forehead…but both are adorable…

    • Me123

      Probably just a stork bite.

  • Mia

    This is a beautiful family and those cute, precious little girls are surely going to be beautiful with a beautiful Mom like Nicole and gorgeous and sexy Dad like Keith! So glad for these pics….love seeing the family together! God bless them!

  • Shirelle

    She is adorable!

  • Hannah.J

    Beautiful family.

  • Elizabeth

    Faith is so adorable, I just want to squeeze her chubby cheeks.

  • alaina

    Beautiful family.

  • Anonymous

    aw my babies.
    lovely familly.
    happy for them,beautiful

  • Anonymous

    aw my babies.
    lovely family.
    love them,beautiful

  • carolyn Robertson

    Oh, that’s precious!

  • Anonymous

    Adorable family!!!!

  • nicoleC


  • Anonymous


  • Grandma of Four

    WONDERFUL to see this Lovely Family! :~ ) The babe is just adorable! Sunday is a lucky little gal to be carried by such a loving dad! And, for Nicole, “Alls well that ends well”…happiness deserved! :~ )

  • popsykl

    sunday had the same stork marks when she was a babe remember…both look like daddy…sweet

    • Karen

      When I saw the stork bite that baby Faith has, I thought the same thing about Sunday Rose. She did have the same thing on her forehead. They fade over time or you can have them lasered to lighten them.

  • Anonymous

    cute family, but I think using a surrogate is wrong!

    • Sunny Sue

      Do you, really? Well, thanks for your two cents. Did you make sure to make that clear to Nicole and Keith when they called to ask your very important opinion?

    • Dana

      What an absolutely ignorant statement.

      • Anonymous

        a womans body/womb should not be for sale

    • Ellie

      That’s been said about blood transfusions, IVF, organ transplants, etc. Surragacy, life producing progress.

  • Anonymous

    haha!! keith is always surrounded by women–now he’s got his own private fan club of his making.

  • Hunny3

    I am so happy for this beautiful family. Sunday looks so safe and sound in her daddy’s arms and little Faith is just Precious! So sweet!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Sunday is going to be tall like her mama! And Faith is beautiful, I love babies with chubby cheeks!

  • Missi M.

    I think they have a beautiful family too and I am so happy for them. I just wonder why Nicole doesn’t really spend time with her other two children she adopted with Tom. It just seems odd because she is such a loving and nurturing mother.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does Nicole Kidman get away with ignoring her two adoptive kids with Tom. They are never photographed with her and she never mentions them… excuse me maybe once in a blue!

  • Audrey

    Not being photographed with Bella and Connor doesn’t mean they don’t spend time together, or talk. The eldest are young adults and it has been reported from Nicole that they prefer California. Nothing can be worse than insisting teens spend time where they don’t want to be.

  • Heart

    Those Kids So cute and beautiful! 😀

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