Penelope Cruz: “My Priority Is My Son”

Motherhood has already proved to be a perfect fit for actress Penelope Cruz, who recently called the early days with her son Leo a “revolutionary experience.” The happy new mom talks pregnancy – and Pirates – in an interview with USA Today.

Penelope, 37, definitely didn’t let the fact that she was expecting slow her down. Instead, she jumped right into filming Pirates of the Caribbean right around the same time that she learned the big news.

“I was pregnant through the whole movie. I found out at the beginning,” she says, adding that she told her co-star – and good friend – Johnny Depp and director Rob Marshall right away. “I found out before we started, and I wanted them to know because I did not want to go in with any secrets, for protection and for the honesty of my relationship with them. For six months they were all taking such good care of me.”

She’s happy to talk about her pregnancy – which seemed to be a great one, skipping over the usual morning sickness and nausea that hits many expectant moms – but Penelope isn’t quite as open when talk turns to her baby boy Leo.

“I’m very determined to keep the privacy of my son, to keep that as intact as possible because he has that right,” says Penelope, who is married to actor Javier Bardem. “I like to not make a big deal. It’s very important to me. And that’s one of the reasons I don’t talk about my son in interviews. It’s natural protection.”

“I’ve always tried to separate my work from my private life,” the Spanish-born beauty continues. “And I never felt that I had to apologize for that. That’s my right. I take my right. If not, nobody is going to do that for you.”

Though she’s happily immersed in motherhood, Penelope says she already has a couple of new projects lined up – a film called Decameron and a possible Woody Allen film – but adds of her future plans, “I will see how it’s going. I can’t make a plan now that this is my next two years. My priority is my son. I will see it as it comes.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t get it, did she age overnight?

    Is it funny lighting?

  2. Louann Chho

    I saw the new Pirates movie today and I think it was the best one yet. Ms Cruz’s being in it didn’t hurt my opinion. I think she is a very charismatic actress. I wish her much happiness. I hope for her fans’ that she will continue to act however :).

  3. Tazina

    It wouldn’t be that difficult to be a working mom at this point. The baby could go with her and be in the care of a nanny while she’s doing her scenes. She does look rather wrinkled in that photo, seems young to havewrinkles on her cheeks like that. Maybe it’s that Spanish sun.

  4. Anonymous

    I think the lines in the photo are a shadow from her hair,

  5. noa

    that’s the first bad picture I have ever seen of her.

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