Rachel Zoe Carries Her Cutie

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe was spotted out and about with her adorable 2-month-old son Skyler on Monday (May 23). The 39-year-old new mom and the nanny doted all over the sweet tot as they went for a stroll and grabbed a frozen yogurt at Pinkberry in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“Life is amazing, it’s perfect. It’s complete, I’m in love and I can’t see straight,” the proud new mom recently said.

Skyler’s father is Rachel’s hubby, investment banker Rodger Berman.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Gosh he is tiny for two months! Did you see Toni Collete’s 1 month old? He is probably double the size of this little guy!

    • Angela

      I thought the same thing … he is tiny!

  • Maddy

    I get that people are busy and may need a nanny- and she works and everything, but never why- if she is there with the baby, the nanny needs to be too? I’m sure she is more than capable of looking after her beautiful baby, but doesn’t it seem a little extravagant?

    • Janna

      If she’s going to be out shopping, and has a full-time nanny, why wouldn’t she take the nanny with her? First off, why should the nanny sit in the house? Secondly, wouldn’t it be easier to shop if you could just say, “Watch him while I try this on” or “Can you push the stroller while I drink my coffee”?

      If you’re paying the nanny anyway, you might as well take ’em with you, right?

  • Anonymous

    Blessings to you Rachel! You are a first time Mommy, its scary, but you are doing well! Your baby is beautiful and healthy, so I know you are thankful and
    in love with your son! Birth weights and babies eating determines size at 8 weeks, I just bet Skyler’s Doc is very on top of advising Rachel! Enjoy the photos of first time Mother!

  • Courtney

    not for a so called celebrity it’s not extravagant to have the nanny tag along everywhere they go with the baby

  • Anonymous

    She needs a nice carrier to complete the picture! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      That’s the nanny’s job, isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    I think the baby looks normal size for two months it’s just that she has abnormally large hands

  • Anonymous

    So, I guess I’ll step up and be b*tchy, since no one else is…glad to see she stopped the Botox!

  • Anonymous

    she looks like she is 60 not 39 in that first picture…scary…..

  • Anonymous

    he’s not only tiny, he still has that newborn look to his face…

  • AnnieMouse

    Oh My!! She looks sooooo old in this photo!

    • cutes

      well, I highly doubt she is 39. She’s probably tired from working and baby and to me she looks like she has smokers mouth. I’ve never seen her with a cigarette before but smoking really ages you and causes those lip lines.

  • Anonymous

    She does look some someone in her late 50s or early 60s in the pictures. My own mother is 62 and looks much younger in the face than her. What would make a young woman like Rachel Zoe look so much older than her years?

  • carolinealine2006

    He’s probably BF or I bet she pumps that could be the reason for his size. FF fed babies usually triple their birth weight in the first 3 months or so. My son did when I started supplementing and when his cousin was born a few months later, he was BF exclusively and weighed significantly less. I think having the nanny there is a good thing because it would be impossible to do what she does and do it solo. I don’t think she’s the baby wearer type out in public but Skylar seems to be content with her so she probably totes him around a lot at home.

  • Anonymous

    Because Rachel Zoe is known for lying about her age that why she looks way older cause she is.

  • Anonymous

    No doubt Zoe & the nanny have to take turns pushing the pram since she is too thin & weak to push it all by herself!! How tragic it is that she is willing to jeopardize her health by starving herself like this.
    At the rate she’s going, she will need the nanny to do most of the child-rearing as she gets weaker and weaker.

  • Anonymous

    39? Tell me that’s a misprint!! I’m past 39 and I look like a teenager compared to that!!

  • Tara

    He appears normal size to me, but what do I know my son weighed almost 10lbs at birth. She does look older than her age but a protein only diet and too much sun does that to you. Remember how old the girls on Friends looked when they did the Atkins craze? Plus she may have a nanny but you can still hear the baby cry at all hours- so she could just be suffering from new mom exhaustion.

    Not sure where the animosity towards her comes from she seems pretty innocuous to me. Yes she is skinny and seemingly self absorbed but isn’t almost everyone in that industry? It’s a prerequisite for fashion. I worked in it at a marketing management level(business side) for a decade and pretty much if you want depth of character it’s the last field you will find any. That being said it does not make them bad people or poor parents, perhaps just frivolous .

  • ZaraB

    He does appear to be very tiny for 8 weeks, regardless of how he’s being fed. My son was exclusively breastfed, and must bigger than that at 8 weeks. I read a comment on another site yesterday from a woman who claimed to know a midwife from a well-known hospital in London (where a lot of celebrity babies have been born), and apparently this midwife said that it’s very common for celebs to book in for a caesar at 8 months, in order to avoid putting on too much weight, getting stretchmarks etc. I’m not suggesting that’s what Rachel Zoe did, but it wouldn’t surprise me either, especially looking at the size of her baby, and considering the obvious issues she has with her weight…

  • cutes

    I totally agree with Janna. I think some people don’t understand the difference between a baby sitter and a nanny. Nannies are full time employees. Their job is to assist and care for the children whether you are home or not and includes running errands and travel. If you are paying full time wages for a second pair of hands to help why wouldn’t you use them? Duh. Much better than having your kid couped up in a daycare. Does it make you less of a mom having daycare raise your kids 50 hours a week? Just because they can afford nanny help doesn’t mean they’re incapable of raising children. Don’t judge.

  • Anonymous

    No way is that woman 39! My mother is almost 56 and and looks younger than her. I’m not saying that Rachel is 56 but she is definitely not 39.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, just because she is a nanny, doesn’t mean that she just wants to tag along with her boss for kicks.. I imagine she has a life of her own as well. Rachel is a stylist, so I imagine when she is going out, she is also looking at things for clients and such. So the nanny may be there to help with the baby.

    I can see how people can judge and be weird about moms who have nannies. There are many mothers out there who treat nannies like they are the actual mother of the child, rather than a hired caregiver. The child’s role is diminished to accessory. And the sad part is, that good families are too few and far between. Most of the full time nannies I know work for stay at home mothers who play no part in the child’s life and when they do, they have that “take it away” attitude when the child starts to fuss or annoy them. This is why there is such a bad stigma around it. And many people hire people that are fresh off the boat, unaware of rights, law and organizations to help them. Also, just because the child is away, in school or sleeping means free time for the nanny, there are many nannies who are responsible for cleaning, cooking, etc, which they do like a normal mom would, while the child is out or asleep.

    When my aunt hired a nanny for her children, the nanny confessed that not many families gave her time to herself to travel and see the sights, allow her to have meals with the family which she did not have to cook (most times she said she ate long after the children went to sleep). She also said after such a close bond, it was hard for the children and most nannies to leave them.

  • Anonymous

    Rachel looks 50, not 39.

    I’m approaching 39 and my face isn’t nearly that wrinkly. Doesn’t she weigh like 75lbs too? What is wrong with her??? Did she over tan or something? Drugs?

    I can’t imagine being her poor son who has to listen to that insecure, fame-obsessed woman whine all day long.

    Another “True Hollywood Story” in the making…

  • Hannah.J

    Wow He is tiny he looks more like 2 weeks than 2 months.

  • Anonymous

    We all know she is lying about her age…she’s not 39. But hey, it’s “your story”…tell it how you want. lol

  • Anonymous

    Now is see why Nicole Ritchie called her “Raisin Face” and that was over 5 years ago. OMG, it literally looks like she sold her soul and it was sucked out through her prune face. Eeeew.

    • Anonymous

      LOL, I was just thinking back to that Raisin Face quote and even back then she looked at least 45. It’s quite brazen of her to claim to be 39 actually. Don’t know whether to compliment her for having the balls to do that or berate her for her dishonesty.

  • Jacquie109

    This is what your skin will look like if you tan all the time with no spf, people dont realize it has this much of an affect on their skin but it does. That is why sunscreen is so very important. Her baby was small when he was born so he is still going to be small. My daughter was 5.8 lbs when she was born and still fit into newborn clothes when she was 2 months old. All babies are different. One of my nephews is 2 years old and looks like most one year olds, he only weighs 22lbs, on the other hand another nephew of mine is 7 months old and weighs 18 lbs and he is not over weight. People grow differently that’s just the way it is.

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