Adele Has Her Sights Set On Motherhood

UK songstress Adele has taken the world by storm, being hailed as “the most powerful force in music at the moment.”

While she’s enjoying her enormous success, the 23-year-old singer tells Q magazine that she feels like motherhood, rather than music, is her true calling.

“I honestly don’t feel like I’m here to be a singer, I feel like I’m here to be a mum,” Adele reveals. “I wanna look after someone and be looked after, give my all to someone in marriage and have a big family, have a proper purpose.”

The “Rolling in the Deep” singer was recently named the most powerful person in music by UK newspaper The Guardian.

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  1. Anonymous

    She needs a (new) stylist!! She could look so much prettier and more her age with the appropriate clothing

  2. Iris

    I love her! She is so down to earth, I bet she would be a great mum!

  3. Courtney

    Personally, I love her style. I think she dresses her curves well and has such a great 60s vibe. Her makeup is always flawless. She’s confident, classy, elegant, &beautiful.

  4. SMH

    I love Adele and her style fits who she is. however this pictuere she looks like a mean old grandma lol!

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