Amber Portwood: “Hopefully We Can Be A Proper Family”

Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley know a thing or two about drama! Gary was just picked up for driving with a suspended license with Amber in the passenger seat, and his ladylove recently lost custody of their 2-year-old daughter Leah.

But the troubled reality TV starlet insists the custody issue is under control. “Our goal was always to switch custody over to Gary so that I can focus on and deal with my legal s–t,” Amber told E!. “She’s with her father now so I can get through all of my legal issues and hopefully we can be a proper family.”

She also had a message for the “haters” out there.

“They can call me a bitch,” Amber said. “I am a bitch. I’m one way with haters, but I’m another person when I’m with my daughter.”

And what about Gary’s recent driving no-no?

We were bored and had nothing else to do,” the 20-year-old mom of one joked. “We were in Ellis, Ind., because we were driving around looking for apartments for me to move into,” she said, and added, “We had pulled over on the side of the road in front of this one place. We were like the only car on the road and it was late, and the police station was right across the street. So, of course the cop came over and asked us what was going on.”

She went on to insist they weren’t in a squabble.

“But we were not fighting,” she insisted. “Gary and I haven’t had a major fight in two years.”

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  • Jacquie109

    And this is glorifing teen pregnancy how exactly?

  • Anonymous

    forgive me for saying this…but this guy is so gross…fat, sloppy, lazy, uneducated, unemployable, and a mediocre parent. I can’t believe he is in his early 20s.

    • Janna

      You forgot immature, passive-aggressive, and selfish.

      Any one of these things alone is bad enough, but add ’em all up, and y’all are asking for trouble!

      • Anonymous

        hahah – that was the perfect retort.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have to say fat? That is a discusting word, and even though he is discusting, the word fat in any context hurts other people. I don’t think anyone big or small should be allowed to call someone fat

    • Anonymous

      I believe fat is an appropriate adjective. What’s wrong with that word? It describes his appearance. Would you rather zaftig, stout, chubby, rotund, porky, pudgy, fleshly, lardy, obese, tubby, etc. I would think describing him as slooppy, lazy, uneducated, unemployable, and a mediocre parent would be more offensive.

    • Anonymous

      …and I don’t think that someone who can’t spell a simple word like “disgusting” should be telling others what they can and cannot do… Lets ignore the huge pink elephant in the room because people are obnoxiously politically correct. If you don’t want to be called fat then don’t weigh 350 pounds

    • Anonymous 2

      What else are you supposed to call stupendously fat people?

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