Selma Blair Bumps It In Black

Stylish mom-to-be Selma Blair stuck to basic black yesterday, keeping cool in a maxi dress she headed to a lunch date at West Hollywood eatery Urth Café (May 25).

The raven-haired actress has been busy getting ready for the arrival of her little one – she was spotted shopping for a Moses basket and some bedding at the Juvenile baby boutique earlier this week.

The baby on the way will be the first for Selma and her designer boyfriend Jason Bleic.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    It feels like the majority of the pregnant celeb pics these days are of Selma. She has great maternity style, but it makes me wonder if she is trying to be photographed this much? Not that that’s a bad thing, but it seems like she’s everywhere lately. I know someone who met her at a party once. Said she just talked about herself the whole time, LOL. Typical celebs…

    • Anonymous

      Probably not trying, but I doubt she’s complaining about the attention either – she’s probably received more press coverage and media attention during this pregnancy than her entire career.

      • Scooter

        press coverage and media attention is one thing, but paparazzi tailing you and ruining your day is another. she doesn’t get paid to be bothered by them and have her picture posted on celebrity sites. none of these moms do. I don’t understand why you would single her out.

    • scooter

      Hey stupid. I highly effing doubt she likes the paparazzi in her face 24-7! I’m bet none of these moms like it. I’m pretty sure paparazzi camped outside your home and following you everywhere would be annoying and stressful. Check out X17 video sometime. They swarm her and are very rude and she handles it so well and tries to be polite. I feel bad for her! Her photos are featured so much because she does have the best style of the celebrity mommies-to-be and she has been photographed TONS over the years but maybe you haven’t noticed because she’s just now making news at this particular mommy site. Usually celebs talk about themselves because they are answering questions asked about their projects and career. Idiot. I wish I could meet her. I think she’s fabulous.

    • Scooter

      Jennifer Garner and Gwen Stefani are also photographed daily. I doubt any of these mom like it. If you live and shop in LA you don’t have to try and be photographed. Paparazzi are everywhere.

  2. Anonymous

    Are pink and Selma Blair pregnant since 2009 or what? LOL

  3. naomi

    anonymous, you sound like an idiot. your friend? yeah, I am sure he knows anything about her. and if you met a celeb, you would probably only be talking about them to them, so what do you expect. Also, I can guarantee Selma Blair has never been to a party frequented by anybody you know, so you can be quiet with your dumb tale of putting down a celebrity.

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