Christopher Jarecki Slings His Son

Christopher Jarecki took his newborn son Bear Blu for an early morning stroll on Friday (May 27). Mama, Alicia Silverstone, napped this one out.

The doting daddy snuggled his 3-week-old son in a sling while staying close to home in their Hollywood neighborhood.

“We are all three in love!” Alicia blogged soon after the arrival of their first son. “I’m so grateful to this community for all the love, support, good wishes and happy vibes you’ve sent me during my pregnancy … it has been wonderful. Thank you all!”

Alicia, 34, and Christopher, 40, wed in June 2005 in Lake Tahoe after eight years together.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Yikes…I am a little bit scared for the baby in this picture! I thought you weren’t supposed to use slings where the baby lies like that because it could be dangerous and cut of their airway?! Anyone know?

    • Heidi

      You arent.. they are supposed to angle the body upward a bit

  • Anonymous

    Why does this couple insist like looking/dressing like homeless people? Looks like he’s carrying a loaf of bread.

    • Anonymous

      Why would someone living in California need a winter toque? Want to be anonymous or hide “bedhead”, wear a baseball cap for pete’s sake.

  • alaina

    why do celebrities give their children god-awful name Bear blue Peanut Kai Reignbeau Freedom.

  • Gisele

    I don’t like the looks of that sling. I feel like he’s not very well protected the way he’s being carried…sheesh. Also, I personally didn’t have my newborns out of my sight, that would make me nervous, neverthless, I guess Alicia’s not worried about it!

  • Anonymous

    Why would you worry if it’s THE FATHER who has the baby? Jeepers. Paranoid much?

  • Anonymous

    It looks like he’s caring a loaf of bread. Like seriously that just doesnt look right.

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with this guy? That baby’s going to suffocate 🙁 Unbelievable.

  • gbaby

    Can the baby breathe there? I mean, i had to read the article to realize it was a baby in there, otherwise i would have thought it was groceries or something.

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