Happy 5th Birthday Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!

Name: Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt

Date of Birth: May 27, 2006

Parents: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Siblings: Maddox Chivan (08/05/01), Pax Thien (11/29/03), Zahara Marley (01/08/05), Knox Léon & Vivienne Marcheline (07/12/08).


  • Shiloh was born in Swakopmund, Namibia via scheduled c-section and has a Namibian passport
  • Her parents sold the first images of her as a newborn to People for $4.1 million (North American rights) and Hello for $3.5 million (international rights) with all funds being donated to an undisclosed charity
  • When she was 2-months-old she became the first infant to ever be represented in wax at Madame Tussauds

“It’s not my choice. I have a very strong-willed four-year-old girl, who tells me what she wants to wear and I let her be who she is. I think people think kids should be a certain way, but I feel they should wear what they feel like wearing and they should express themselves. Shiloh cried one night and said, ‘Please cut my hair off. I don’t want to have long hair.’ I’m not going to leave it long because somebody thinks I should.” – Angie, on her daughter’s style.

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Photo credit: INF Daily, Fame

  • alaina

    Can’t believe Shiloh is already five.

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday Shiloh . You are are a beautiful child. You have a loving and supportive family something every child deserves. Have fun with your family and friends . I’m glad I got to comment before the hateful comments start pouring in .

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday shiloh!

  • Anonymous

    Shiloh cried one night and said, ‘Please cut my hair off. I don’t want to have long hair.’ I’m not going to leave it long because somebody thinks I should.” – Angie, on her daughter’s style.

    I have a daughter who did almost the same exact thing. She hated her beautiful long hair, hated pigtails, hated barrettes, hated ponytails. She’s had short hair ever since (15+ years!).

  • Anonymous

    boy or girl can’t tell because of the hair cut

    • cc

      Thank you. We’re all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.

  • Anonymous

    umm where’s lilly-rose melody Depp special b-day post. you do realize she is 12 today

    • Desiree Fawn

      Yes, it’s been a busy day 🙂

  • Mia

    Happy Birthday Shiloh <3
    Be what you want to be and do what you want to do , you have great parents and wonderful siblings , enjoy your day and your life!!
    Gorgeous little girl , I love you <3

  • JennG

    Happy Birthday Shiloh!She looks like a happy litttle girl,she’s lucky she has parents that except her for who she is & don’t try to make her into something they think society expects.Every person wants to know they are good enough just the way they are!

  • Lungi

    Shiloh is a beautiful, very healthy, happy little girl and most important, she is sorrounded by love. How she dresses or keeps her hair is noboby’s business. Those who are supposedly worried about her should maybe shift their focus & worry about things worth worrying about in their own lives. No child comes with a manual. Happy Birthday to you little girl & big ups to your parents.

  • viviana

    happy 5th birthday you are so beautiful baby girl im so happy for you that you have a supportive loving family, i have a boy who turned 5 on may 7 and ever since he was 1 year old he loved wearing his 3 year old girl cousin shoes at age 3 till now age 5 he loves playing mommies and daddies he even has a baby stroller that i bought him w/a baby how would he feel if i told him a stroller and babies are for girls only, will i be sending a message to his brain saying that children are only for women i think people should focus on becoming a better person instead of judging people especially kids i let my son be himself and dont worry about (what if) if he is he is

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Dolly Parton that i am not God and i cant judge who the people are. I think everybody should be what he is. I think Shiloh should be what she is, because if u dont allow somebody to be himself, he becomes a lier and begins hearting people, cause he feels heart. You cant expect from somebody to give, it you take from him…what? The feeling that he owns what? Himself.

  • Anonymous

    Waw, her birthday is on the same day as mine and I have to say that we also share the same personality: tomboy. Maybe astrology is a real thing!
    (sadly, I don’t have a mother who lets me wear this kinda clothes…)

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