Sarah McLachlan: “Having Kids Is Profound”

Sarah McLachlan the Grammy award-winning artist and mother of two girls – India, 8, and Taja, 3 – opens up to Spinner Canada about her career, her “gross” breakup and how her daughters inspired her to get out of bed every morning.

On her children and the profound effect they have had on her life: “I honestly can’t remember what life was like before I was a mother. I think I had a lot of bloody time on my hands! Having kids is profound. All of a sudden you have to be 100-percent responsible for a human being other than yourself, and it’s terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Everything I do, my first thought is how it’s going to affect them.”

On the break up of her 11 year marriage to Canadian musician Ashwin Sood and how her children kept her going: “Yeah, the marriage part didn’t quite work out. Coming to terms with the fact that my marriage was a failure was devastating and very difficult. I blamed myself for a lot of things. It took me a very long time to get over it. I have amazing friends, great family and two kids so I just got out of bed everyday and kept moving forward. I’m not one to sit and wallow – I would rather figure out a way around so I can move past it and be at peace with things. I don’t like bad feelings gnawing away at me.”

On her songwriting and how the break-up of her marriage affected her career: “Music has always been incredibly cathartic for me, whether it’s writing my own stuff or singing other people’s music; it’s very freeing. But it did take me a long while to be able to write again because I was just too far down a deep dark hole to do anything. I had to crawl back up, get some light in and have some objectivity before I could start writing again.”

To read more about the talented songstress, her children and how her divorce affected her career, go to Spinner Canada.

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Jenny Schafer

Love, love, love Sarah!!!