Zoe Kravitz: ‘X-Men’ Will Be One Of Those Things Dad & I Don’t Talk About

On June 3rd, scores of fans will be rushing to theatres for the premiere of X-Men: First Class, but Zoe Kravitz, who stars in the much-anticipated prequel, is hoping that dad Lenny Kravitz isn’t one of them.

“[He hasn’t] seen it yet,” Zoe, now 22, tells Access Hollywood of her rocker-turned-actor father. “But yeah, I’m sure it will be one of those things that we just don’t talk about. No need to talk about the fact that I’m dancing on a table.”

Her first scene in the film is rather racy, and not exactly what a dad wants to see his “little girl” doing at all; especially not on the silver screen. But Kravitz, who plays a flying mutant by the name of Angel, defends the clip, telling Access, “It’s not like I’m stripping, I’m dancing!”

If and when Lenny actually sees the movie, there will be another familiar face appearing with his daughter — his Hunger Games co-star, Jennifer Lawrence.

Zoe says that before the pair met while she and Jennifer were on the set of X-Men, and all three of them took a trip to Paris together, staying at her father’s house — before they even knew they’d be in the flick with one another.

“They got along really well,” Zoe dished. “So it’s really funny that they are going to be working together.”

The Hunger Games hits theatres March 23, 2012.

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  • hailei_2007

    And it’s not going to be awkward at all for Jennifer to play scenes in which she’s suppose to naked, in front of her friend’s FATHER! No, no…

  • Elizabeth

    She’s very beautiful. I see alot of Zoe’s mother in her.

  • P!nk

    What a pretty girl!

  • Anonymous

    thank God they got rid of that old hag no talent halle berry, we want to see young beautiful talented actors, not some old beauty queen, halle thinks she is still in a beauty contest, that is why she can not act.

  • Ondine

    A beautiful girl but her legs are hideous. Surely she’s heard of hosiery. But something tells me I won’t be looking at her legs if I see the film she’s in.

  • Anonymous

    nepotism wins another rich kid more riches

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