Danica Patrick: Motherhood Is “Probably Not For Me”

Indy and Nascar driver Danica Patrick has spent her career breaking through barriers for women in motorsports, proving to her male colleagues that when it comes to racing, anything they can do, she can do better. But after years of building a solid reputation on the racetrack, Patrick, 29, says that she has no plans of slowing down for motherhood.

“I think it is something which is probably not for me at this point and realistically, I don’t know when that point would ever be,” Danica tells Yahoo! Sports. “My focus is on racing and of course I have a lot of outside interests which take up my time.”

Though the GoDaddy spokeswoman has much respect for others who’ve decided to have children, Patrick says that being a mommy just doesn’t appeal to her.

“I am not someone who has a strong yearning for kids at all,” the driver tells USA Today. “I see all my friends with kids. I will get up at 10 a.m. and text them and they’ll say, ‘Ha, funny. One of my sons was in my room at 5:30 in the morning so I can’t say I slept until 10.’ That’s just their life.

“I think more all the time that it looks hard, that looks like something I am not ready for and doesn’t interest me at this point,” she adds.

I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am that I can’t imagine just throwing that all away,” Patrick continues. “I’m not conflicted about it. I just can’t imagine not being able to travel [and] sleep in ever again in your whole life.”

Danica and hubby Paul Hospenthal both agree that her career will continue to be their focus for the forseeable future; a decision that we’re sure IndyCar is especially pleased with, since most of their marketability is built around her, making Danica one of the most powerful people in sports.

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  1. Anonymous

    Danica has accomplished a lot and should be proud of herself and how she’s positioned herself in a predominately male sport. However, I wish she would stop throwing “sex” into the mix. It really sets women back. Why can’t she just be a great athlete without the racy swimsuit shoots and GoDaddy promos?

  2. Courtney

    Ms Patrick should be careful what she says she may regret it later. or better yet look at footage of old races and see all the award winning stars in the audience or actually driving some include: James Garner Paul Newman Robert Duvall & Robert Redford plus Garner & Newman also owned teams. Danicka is unfortunately one of those celebs that should have their mouth stitched shut cause she’s always putting her foot in it

  3. JennG

    I’m 36 & don’t have kids I think it takes a mature person to make the decision.Part of being a woman is having the choices to do whatever you want.I know so many people who have kids & should never have done itor they do it for the wrong reasons,i.e. to keep a man around & they just end up neglecting or resnting the child.

  4. Anonymous

    I think it is extremely responsible and honest of her to take her career before having a child that would be shifted all over the country if she were to continue on racing (or in any form of a career such as she has now). Too many children are born and raised by nannies or by one parent as the other works. It isn’t fair to the kid. Danica and her husband are great people and they both would make wonderful parents if she ever did decide to have a child. The older she gets the more risky it is having a child, but there’s no saying she can’t wait until she’s say, 38, to have a kid which would give her plenty of time to continue her career until then. I personally think people should lay off of her right now, she’s 29… not 39. She and her husband should be able to make whatever decisions they make regarding their family without a huge media attention. But all in all, by deciding not to have a kid in that sort of work (esp. w/ so much traveling) is the first decision of motherhood she’s made… and its an honest and responsible one on her part.

  5. SMH

    People say they don’t want to have kids and all of a sudden people gasp for air like it’s a crime. Some people don’t want to be parents and better you know that now then go into it blindsided. I think women experience too much pressure on being mothers. I am not even 30 yet and people keep asking when I’m gonna settle down and have kids. Or I get. “Wow at your age I already had 2 kids by now!” Well good for you! I’m not at that point in my life yet. Mothering is the biggest job and responsibility you’ll ever have in life and sometimes the thought of being one doesn’t make everyone so cozy inside!

  6. AnnieMouse

    I need a ‘Like’ button for SMH’s comment…well said!

  7. Anonymous

    She may be a better baby maker than driver. She hasn’t one race yet.

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