Justin Moore’s Little Fisher

Country crooner Justin Moore took to Twitter this week to share a father-daughter moment, posting this pic of his 15-month-old daughter Ella Kole, along with the caption, “Me and Ella tearin up some largemouths!”

It’s been a big couple of years for the 27-year-old Nashville star, from a number one single to touring with Brad Paisley. But he says fatherhood tops it all.

“It’s awesome. It’s the coolest experience I ever had,” Justin tells Taste of Country. “It is, by far, the coolest thing ever. She is doing good. She is walking everywhere now. She and my wife have came out on the road some this year already because we got another bus this year, which is exciting. I’ll get to see her a lot more this year, and she’ll be old enough to where she can get out and walk around. We can take her out to the zoo and all that kind of stuff in different towns.”

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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. ChiTownEggHead

    While I would normally say ‘ick’ at the sight of freshly caught fish, I will say that this photo is absolutely adorable. Definitely one for the scrapbooks.

  2. JennG

    She looks like she’s only 6-8 months old,she’s tiny!

  3. SMH

    yea my niece is 15 months old and looks so much bigger and older. Maybe it’s the bald little head! 🙂

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